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Discussion in 'The Cat Lounge' started by MoochNNoodles, May 17, 2017.

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    Last November DH, my Mom, Step-dad, Kids and I went to Disney together for a week. We flew there and it was the kid's first plane ride and everything. It was exhausting but SO magical. :cloud9:

    We don't travel often but my family has been through an awful time lately. :disappointed: I've handled it pretty well; better than much of the rest of the family, but I'm starting to feel the cumulative effects. We need a diversion. Something to look forward to and put some happy memories in line again. Sunday I took DD into the Disney Store at the mall we went to because she had a little spending money and we don't have one locally. The announcer in the Disney Store was the same as at the Disney parks and resort. The music, the products and decor... I wanted to run back to Disney. :bawling:

    Soo I've been browsing the Disney site; checking out other resorts and things. It's a rather expensive trip; especially when we aren't normally travelers. DH didn't like the cost the first time and even "economizing" might not convince him. But we had such a good time. I know there are other places. Things more local too. Legoland looks fun but it's just as far away.

    I don't know what; if anything, we will find to do. But man I'm ready. I don't normally like traveling THAT much. The process of traveling especially.

    I need to find some ways to get deals or something. Even if we don't do another Disney trip; surely something is out there for us.
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    Where are you?

    I worked at Disneyland for a few years and plan all our family trips. If you want to share on here your location (or PM) I can help with some options.
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    Heh, we took my niece and nephew to Disney World a couple years ago and they didn't like it :dunno:. Too hot, too crowded, too noisy, and they were scared of the characters and rides. They liked Epcot best. But they're odd kids ;).

    We're taking them again this year and I hope they like it better now that they're older. Or maybe we'll go to Universal instead. My nephew is kind of into Harry Potter.

    Would you be traveling with anyone who is in the National Guard or is retired military (or a spouse; they need to have a military ID card)? If so, you can get discounted tickets for Disney and Universal. The military ID cardholder has to buy the tickets in person but I don't think they have to go into the park with you (ETA: I looked that up and at least 1 ticket must be used by the ID cardholder, and they need to activate all the tickets at the gate).

    If money is a concern sometimes you can find some really fun things to do closer to home, sometimes more fun than the crowded popular parks.
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    May 18, 2005
    I've heard of people getting some amazing discounts to Disney.
  5. MoochNNoodles

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    I'm closer to Disney World. I think what I need to do is put some research into it and then see if I can get DH on board. I've put the bug in his ear again and he just smiled at me. ;) I'd definitely appreciate some tips! Especially since we have to add in airfare type travel costs.
    We went in November and the weather was pretty much perfect. They had Christmas decorations up (the castle was GORGEOUS!) and it wasn't overly crowded. I think I'd like to go during the "winter" again. I'm not a fan of sweating. :lol: My Step-dad is retired military; so we had some savings on that one. The trip was their idea and they gifted some of our tickets and costs. I know they wanted to do the same with one of my Stepsister's and her kids this year; but she's having another baby. Maybe they'll want to travel together again. It was fun having the 6 of us together. (Different hotel rooms though. That could be TOO much togetherness. ;)) I think having gone once now I feel more comfortable with decision making. I'd like to do some of the rides we missed. I don't usually share my kid's pictures on the boards; but their reactions to things were priceless. My Mom and I planned so I could get pictures of DD's first glimpse of the castle. It was just so funny. When DS met the talking Mickey he was so funny even the cast members in the room were laughing with us. I wish I'd videoed that. I think we went at a good age for the kids. Young enough to have it be magical; old enough not to need to nap or anything. :agree:
    I really need to find out how people do that. I can't blame DH for not wanting to break the bank; but it was SO nice to have a REAL vacation with the kids. If I won the lottery I'd make it a 2 week trip and not rush anything. And take some days to just relax. :cloud9: Maybe then we could spend a day or two at Legoland too. :dizzy:
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    There are a wealth of national parks to visit. It would be good for your kids to see nature close-up. You can have an especially great time if you avoid some of the really crowded ones like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. Many of the lesser-known ones are even more beautiful and they're all over the US. Rent a camper trailer if you like to save money. You can cook your meals in it and save a lot of money and still eat well, even sampling some of the local delicacies. Campgrounds can be very nice, with pools, rec areas, and even transportation to points of interest. I'll bet your kiddos haven't seen bison or wild turkeys up close. In some places you can rent canoes or kayaks to go exploring.

    I don't know where you live, but your state department of tourism can send you information on tons of places to go and things to see and do right in your own area. The Houston area doesn't have a big amusement park, but we do have a place where we can watch BlueBell ice cream being made and have a sample afterward, we have a free 25 minute ferry ride where we can watch dolphins and brown pelicans, we have folklife festivals, we have an incredible museum of natural history, and we have terrific state parks. One is near the famous Davis Observatory, which is the darkest place in the continental United States. Get a guide book to your state and/those nearby and make your own magic.
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    Apr 30, 2005
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    We do like visiting state or national parks. DH grew up just outside of one and loves backpacking and hiking. Our kids are still small enough that he can take both with him in his kayak. I'm not as big a fan of camping so he wants to buy a camper someday. That wont be for a while yet though. Short, day hikes are more my thing. :tongue: Or kayaking. That's DH's other dream; one kayak for each of us. :lol:

    Maybe a beach house or cabin in a slightly off season would be a good compromise. Years ago DH and I took a short trip and stopped at a place where you could pan for gemstones. I'd love to do that when our kiddos are a bit older. It was muddy, messy fun. :thumbsup:

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