Update-Rock and Hard Place Post.


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Jul 31, 2020
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Okay, in my earlier thread, I posted that we had 4 cats, three kittens around 5 months old and a momma cat. The momma cat has now become a full fledged pet, she'll get into my lap and sometimes sleeps with me.

Two of the kittens were taken to my cousin's house. The third one we couldn't trap and that is the reason why I'm writing. This cat's behaviour is beyond strange. If we are not careful, she'll attempt to get into the house (she actually made in at one point, and it took 30 minutes to get her out). When I'm outside, she'll approach me but won't get within a foot from me, but she'll circle like she's worrying about something. She will actually nip the end of my finger if I'm still enough. She will lay down almost at my feet and occasionally she turn stomach up.

Her tail position varies from up but flipping back and forth like she's annoyed to mid point, also flipping back and forth really hard.

We are resigned to that this cat is now "ours" but I could really use some insight.


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Dec 5, 2017
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It definitely seems she wants to be part of your family! Coming in voluntarily? Wonderful! Cats are really smart. She would probably have observed everything you have done with her mother and siblings. She may be the most intelligent of them all since she avoided trapping but stayed nearby. She has seen that you are THE provider and protector. It just took her longer to give her trust.Every cat goes at their own pace. Nipping your finger and flipping the tail could very well be cat speak for wanting to be allowed in and to be part of your household but still a bit anxious. Perhaps even frustration that she has not become established inside yet. I have worked with ferals and brought cat family members in at different times. Some were separated for months but once they were reunited and recognized family or colony members, there was still a bond. Sometimes I was amazed at how touching the reunions were between them. She may understand that her mother is in the home! I once caught a litter and later caught the mom. The kittens were becoming socialized and no longer afraid of me but when I brought mom in , she was scared. I put her with her kittens and they immediately got close to the trap and after I let mom out, they surrounded her and started licking her. She settled in very quickly thanks to her kittens. I really hope you can bring this kitty in. It may not be immediate recognition between mother and youngster but I am thinking that her baby is still looking for her and wants to be with the human that she has also learned to love and trust.

Kittens had gotten separated from Mom outside for some weeks.

They were brought in for socializing and adoption.

Mom cat was caught later.

Just after being released from the trap she was very anxious.

After her babies comforted her she calmed.

They definitely recognized each other. The bond remained.

Mom cat accepted the human contact after observing the trust her kittens demonstrated.

Thank you for rescuing mom and getting those two babies placed in homes! I think you are a kitty hero! Please do keep us updated!