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Tigger's Mum

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Apr 17, 2022
England, UK
Meet Otto and yes, he's another rescue. Dumped in the snow as a 9 week old kitten. I was asked to pop round and scan a kitten for a microchip. Turned out the kitten had found his way to my son's friend's Mum who didn't know I helped out with rescue. She couldn't keep him because her elderly cat objected - strongly. Otto climbed up on me, snuggled in and purred in my ear so home he went with me. The summer the following year, the rescue I help out with got a very young pregnant female in who was identical to Otto. No doubt it was his sibling. Most likely they were bred to make money for Christmas, didn't sell so were dumped. The good news is her kittens were delivered safely, all were neutered and spayed and all found good, loving homes.

Otto discovering the delights of the Christmas tree for the first time. This was taken in December 2017 a couple of weeks after he joined the family. He's a lot bigger now - in fact, he's my biggest cat and he still loves wrecking the Christmas tree. Last Christmas he had our 7ft tree down (again) :lol:

Yes. He's still as mischievous as he looks.


Kitten on the Keys



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May 2, 2018
Wow! Those eyes and he has that "I'll do what I want" look in them. Same look as my Otto has. I'm sure it's specific to black and white cats. None of my other cats give a look like this and you can guarantee mischief is about to follow :flail:
Yes, he is so mischievous but so cute at the same time so I can’t get annoyed at him 😹 He and Quinn are a pair..