Trouble introducing cats


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Nov 22, 2020
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So I adopted my first cat ever (Binx, 3 YO) about a year ago and I just adopted my second cat Ollie (1 and a half YO) 3 weeks ago. We’ve been slowly trying to introduce them and followed Jackson Galaxy’s steps on introducing cats. After a week we decided to give them 5 minutes together and in that time Ollie was really excited and chased Binx and Binx ran away. I also saw Oliver trying to nip him on the side/belly. So we then separated them and started the process all over. After about a week and a half we gave them 5 minutes together again. On the second day of the 5 minute sessions Binx was biting Ollie’s cheek so we separated them again immediately. But Ollie did not seem to be in pain and wasn’t trying to get away. What is weird to me is that neither of them are aggressive at all. No back arching, no flat ears, and no hissing. They do swat at each other sometimes but I never see them using claws. I’m not sure if they are just playing or if they are fighting. I also don’t know much about Binx's history since he was found as a stray but at his foster parents said he was really good with the resident cats. Ollie was surrendered by his previous owner and was found as a kitten and was an only cat. I understand the goal when first introducing them is to get them to ignore each other at first but I don’t see that happening. Even when we use the baby gate they are always sniffing and swatting and it’s pretty hard to get their attention. Is this part of the process? Should we just continue the play sessions? I’m not really sure what’s the next step.


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Oct 16, 2015
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My general rule of thumb is that, "If there is no fur in the air, or blood on the floor, IT IS NOT A CAT FIGHT." And while the goal, in general, may be for them to ignore each other, playing, even rough play, is not a bad outcome, just a different one. And both cats are young enough to enjoy some rough and tumble play. It really sounds as if things are going far better than you fear!


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Jun 1, 2017
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Well, it would be weird if they *immediately* started playing during the first face to face, but these are young cats so its possible, and it really does sound like that. I'm never quite sure I fully agree with Mamanyt1953 Mamanyt1953 when she says that "no blood no fur no fight" thing, but its certainly true that cats almost never fight without noises. So I'm fairly convinced they are playing. However, it can't hurt to do a video for us. Its easiest to put it up somewhere else, like youtube or wherever, and just put the link here.

Honestly, I think you got very lucky. You let them out, and boom, they want to roughhouse. I mean, very young cats, they had a good chance of becoming friends and having fun roughhousing, but doing so within just a couple of minutes of face-to-face? Thats awesome!