treatment for cat with megacolon - is surgery "safe"?


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Oct 25, 2023
Hello all,

Would like desperate help with my cat. She's about 6 years old.

She has had constipation for a while now, about 2 years or close to that. Whenever it happened I would take her to the vet to get an enema.

About half a year ago or so the vet told me to use Hilli's gastroinsential biome as it's good for cats with constipation. I did and she was fine for a while till about 2 weeks ago. She stopped pooping and was constipated. I took her to get an enema at that time and even after a week she was constipated again. Last enema was done on saturday as she was given anesthesia and an enema and was cleaned. At that time the vet told me to stop giving her Hilli's dry food even though they recommended it to me and said to only give her wet food two times a day.

till now she has not pooped. I took her to another vet clinic today and after Xrays were done they confirmed that she was constipated again but not severely that she needed an enema. They gave her laxatives and will take her 3 times today and tomorrow to them to continue laxative.

Now here's my question. Both clinics are saying she has mega colon. First clinic is saying to only give her wet food two times a day, and to continue giving her enema whenever it's needed. However, the doctor there is saying subtotal colectomy is not recomended because according to him, the constipation might return and then each time the vet that did the colectomy will remove yet another part of the colon and keep doing it till they have no choice but to put my girl to sleep :(

the 2nd vet on the other hand, told me to give my cat Hilli's biome still, and to give her laxatives and then return a week later, assuming the laxative work. He's saying the cat does need a subtotal colectomy as on the xrays one part of the colon is unlarged and thats where the stool stop. He's saying cats are fine after the surgery and whatever the first doctor said isn't true.

I am really lost here at what to do. Can you please offer an advice? Has anyone done this surgery on their cat?

silent meowlook

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Nov 10, 2014
Hi. I am sorry your cat is in this situation.
You need a referral to a specialist. You need a veterinarian who is board certified in internal medicine. I would get in to one of those as soon as possible.

Mega colon is difficult in cats and in my opinion, regular veterinarians just don’t have the knowledge and experience to adequately handle it properly.

I have known some cats who had surgery and did great, but it is a difficult surgery that needs to be done by a specialist to have success.


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Nov 21, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
This is probably unhelpful, and I'm sorry I can't contribute more specific advice. But I just wanted to add this, in case it adds even a fraction of helpful advice.

My cat has pooped best when eating dry food as a significant percentage of his diet. I have wanted him to eat more wet food, but he's made it difficult.

Wet/dry food ratio and pooping issues
Dealing with dry-food addiction

Aanyway, I agree with S silent meowlook that you need the opinion of a specialist. And I know how expensive (potentially prohibitively expensive) that can get. I am currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis with my cat. On a general level, dealing with these specialized illnesses is just inevitably going to get expensive and require specialists.


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Dec 5, 2018
I've had 2 cats that needed daily laxatives. The 1st one was treated with lactulose which worked well. The one I have now gets 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax mixed with a little water and then mixed thoroughly with her wet food once a day. She was on that GI Biome food and even with the Miralax her poops were more dry. Now I feed her Fancy Feast canned food twice day - the chicken and she has a normal BM every day or every other day. Maybe the Miralax would work for your cat but best to consult with the vet. Also I agree with the others that before you decide on surgery for your cat it would be best to consult with a specialist.