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Jul 14, 2005
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Ok computer savvy ones! I'm usually awesome at finding these kinds of things on my own, but am coming up pretty much empty this time...

I was updating my MySpace page today and I wanted to create a couple of those small countdown/up tickers. I have one already that's like a big box with a graphic in the back (it's counting down to MLB opening day lol) but I wanted a little one, like people put in forum siggies, for the Kenny Chesney concert and my Vegas trip. I found tickerfactory.com which is "ok" and I've used it for now to create my tickers, but I know people have made nicer ones.

When I try to google search these things, all I get are ones for pregnancy and wedding dates... both of which are TOTALLY irrelevant to my current single state haha

So, anyone know a good site to make these things? Thanks y'all!