The new kitten


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May 9, 2005
Needles, CA
Ok, well, I wanted to post his intro with pics, but my computer is toast, and my new cell phone won't transfer pics without bluetooth.

So, our new boy is 6 months old and still intact (inlaws are paying for his neuter as a condition of us taking him).

He is a long haired brown mackerel tabby, though his body stripes are broken, making him spotted.

He's super smart, very cuddly, and very laid back.

His name is Brillo, he came to us with that name.

When he was a tiny guy, around 4 weeks old, his coloring made him look like a rusty used brillo pad.

Jade adores him, she is so happy to have another cat that will play with her.

Bear is pretty put out by it, though he is very stoic about all things cat.

Brillo will wrap all four legs around the dog's head, and gnaw on his face.

Poor Bear will just roll his eyes and grumble, but won't actually move away.