Sweetest 4mo old kitten needs a special home!


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Jul 15, 2019
I rescued a feral kitten 4wks ago and she turned out to be the sweetest, most loving and affectionate kitten ever! We were going to keep her but my long haired white female cat is so aggressive to the poor little thing that it has become dangerous. The kitten that I named lulu, is already timid and shy and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She doesn’t scratch, or bite, all she wants to do is cuddle and play. She does like other animals cause my two boys like her. I’m so heartbroken that I have to rehome her because she is so bonded with me and only me. I need someone who has patience for her to come out of her shell even if that includes laying on the floor half way under the bed so that she can smell them and get used to them like I did for 3wks. She is a baby doll. She is so mild tempered and has never growled of even hissed even when she was being attacked, she just ran to me me for protection. I live 15 min south of pittsburgh pa. I’m hoping someone on here can help. She is scheduled to get spayed next week and her second vaccinations. I apologize for the longest run on sentence.



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Jun 21, 2014
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You might first try to work out the introduction gone wrong. This is certainly not your fault as some cats require more work to get along than others. If you would like to try to keep her, you can continue to get help here as well along the way.

As for finding help locally, what are you looking for? If you want to rehome her, you can do that yourself.

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I am going to add here that you want to be paid for having maintained her and taken her for spaying and neutering. Probably $100 range, especially if she is such a sweet girl. You can use sites like nextdoor.com to look for potential owners, but remember that it is not first reply, first to get her. Everyone has to be screened.

If you are looking for rescues, you may find that not many are going to jump at the chance to take in another homeless cat as most are overloaded and many people are now returning the "COVID pets" they adopted in haste. Google "cat rescued in Pittsburgh" or whatever area you are willing to consider and see if anything comes up. Make sure that all pets are placed and that they don't have a "sell by" date which is the dark secret of some rescues. You may have some trouble getting that information out of them. Even in pet friendly Los Angeles, that does exist.

She is a beautiful girl! If you feel that she is not exhibiting the habits of a feral cat, which means unfriendliness, wariness, possible aggression if threatened, I would just say that you found her and skip the "feral" handle that might mark her as undesireable.