sweet,old girl(himalayan) needs a home


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Mar 13, 2006
Podunk, Kansas

I wish I wouldn't of seen this ad. It breaks my heart.

Is there anyone out there that can help?

---We have a 2 tone brown, long hair, Himalayan that needs a very kind sole to rescue her from a life of solitude. She has reached that stage in life where she is tired of kids, dogs, and other cats. She spends all her time under a bed or hiding in some corner. She is roughly 16 years old, but her age is unknown. She has a sore on her lip that we have not been able to treat because she is alone and hiding too much. I believe she would be much happier with someone that lives alone and has time to see her through the last months or years of her life. I am considering putting her down. But I don't have the heart if she could find a more suitable place to live out her last days. She is slow to warm up to people she does not know. But if you leave her alone she will come to you in moments when you are sitting and reading or watching television. She eats very little these days, but eats on her own. She will potty on the floor if her cat box is not absolutely clean. She is very picky about her litter. If you have some love in your heart to share with her, give me a call.