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Sudden Skin Irritation Over My Kitten's Eye


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Nov 22, 2017

My 12 week old kitten came to us one week ago. The week before that, he was at a foster, and for several weeks before that, he was quarantined at a vet with an upper respiratory infection and ear mites. Both were cleared up before he came to us, and he hasn't had contact with another animal or the outside world since he was about 5 weeks old. We also gave him a Dawn bath when he came to us to kill off any fleas.
Today he was left alone to play upstairs for a few hours while I worked, and when my boyfriend went up to check on him, he noticed the patch above his eye. He hasn't been scratching it, or rubbing his face on anything, and he's seemed 100% normal, so we're baffled. My first thought (i.e. immediate panic) was ringworm, so we're searching for a blacklight now to check him. We cleaned the area with water, which seemed to irritate him a bit, and put some aquaphor on it.
While my boyfriend hunts for the light, I wanted to see what the cat parents of the internet thought it could be. He was in quarantine and away from other animals for so long, that I'd honestly be shocked if it was actually ringworm. Can anyone put my mind at ease or have any other thoughts? We have a cardboard barrier at the stairs with a 2" window
for our other cat to see him (they haven't met yet), so I'm hoping its something as silly as repetitively rubbing his face trying to peek out of the cardboard hole, but that might be a stretch.


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Jul 9, 2018
I had a kitten who almost rubbed her chin raw trying to get out of the kitty carrier. It's not a stretch.


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Dec 13, 2017
I dont know but i would recommend a vet visit to be sure. If it is something that needs treated, such as the beginning of an abscess or something i would want to get ahead of it now, before it gets worse, and harder to treat. Especially with it that close to the eye, i would want to find out, so i could treat it appropriately. And make sure its nothing my other cat could catch.
Best of luck to him, I hope it is nothing serious. Do keep us updated!