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Stray Cat Weird Discharge


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Sep 29, 2019

Hello, not quite sure where to post this. But this stray was on my front porch tonight and it had a odd discharge from its eye and a wound on its head. It was just skin and bones so I ended up feeding it.

Its eyes looked very puffy but he had been squinting and barely able to open his eyes. After cleaning the discharge it seemed slightly better but I have never seen anything like this and was hoping for some help on identifying what it is (google was no help to me at all) and hopefully help the poor thing..

Any help would be appreciated :(


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Aug 6, 2018
You'll need to take him to the vet. He probably has some sort of eye infection, and antibiotics or eye drops would be needed. There are several URIs and eye infections that cats get that can cause discolored discharge and swollen eyes. If it was only one eye I would have though it could possibly be an injury that eventually got infected, but because it's both, I'm leaning towards a viral or bacterial infection.

As for the wound, it could be a puncture wound from another cat or object or could have been an abscess that ruptured. In any case, taking proper precautions to make sure the wound does not get infected, or treat it if it's already infected, would also need a vet visit (for the meds).
In the mean time, are you able to keep him indoors with you?
You can continue to keep his eyes clean by using a damp warm cloth.
But as mentioned, he needs a vet.

Thanks for helping this little guy!!!!:thumbsup:

On a side note, the fact that you were able to handle him makes me think he may have been dumped or is a lost cat. Have you thought about putting up posters to see if anyone lost their cat?
I would hesitate to want to give a cat back to owners who let their kitty get sick like this, but if this kitty got lost a few weeks ago or something, and doesn't really know how to survive well, he needs a home. Poor guy!:(

di and bob

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
It does look like a ruptured abscess, and the infection may be spreading to his eyes. I have had ferals that this has happened to and they became blind in one eye. He does need vet care, for at least an antibiotic, a liquid is easier to give by mixing it in a small amount of tuna juice and then feeding the rest after. I think he desperately needed help and sensed you were a kind soul, you will be blessed for that. Make sure the vet knows he is a stray you are trying to help, you have no knowledge of his past or temperment. My vet gives me a discount for strays. Please keep us posted!


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Jan 2, 2005
Eastern California,USA
:welcomesign: Welcome to TCS! Bless you for helping that beautiful cat - he looks as if he could be a snowshoe.
When feeding him, nice & easy is key. I think that Di and Bob is probably right about the ruptured abcess. My vet explained that the cats' skin heals more rapidly than the internal tissues and infection gets trapped underneath the surface - she has me apply warm, wet cloths to the area to help draw out the infection. You could treat the kitty's eyes with Terramycin eye ointment and see if that helps.
Also, you can offer him a bit of coconut oil to eat - it has both antiviral and antibiotic properties. I had one semiferal get attacked by a raccoon and her head wounds wouldn't heal despite 2 antibiotics and 3 prescription creams; she ate coconut oil plus I applied a thin coat on her sores and by next day, the raised,inflamed edges were gone and the skin began healing - she recovered!
I do hope that you can keep the cat inside. He might benefit from whole milk, plain yogurt or goat milk, to help his recovery from starvation. He sounds like a lost cat, to be skinny, especially this time of year when hunting is good. Please know that once out of their home territory, cats can be driven great distances from home. His injury likely could be from a dog attack which would explain why he was driven out of bounds.
A great idea that I learned here is to create an email address specifically for the lost-cat quest then make flyers and ask family and friends to put them in the back windshield of their cars for maximum viewing. We had a fellow member recover their cat months & miles later, using this method - their relative who lived several towns away used a flyer which was seen at a parking lot by residents of an apartment complex where the cat had shown up! Local flyers are good but are limited to only nearby sightings
As far as the vet visit goes, please reach out to cat rescues and see what they suggest. Please keep us updated!


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May 24, 2019
Many praises and moki-meows to all above posts. Yes, I agree it looks like an abcess that has drained, and he surely needs vet care. Hope you can keep him, he has gorgeous coloring/marking.


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Dec 27, 2001
Hudson, OH
Abscessed wound or warble? If it is a warble you don't want to close up the hole. The vet needs to take a look, clean the wound, get some medication on board... Please update with what the vet said!

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