Stray cat appeared a week ago....pregnant or recently given birth?


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May 14, 2022
Our neighbors moved out and left their cat, we didn't know. She lived under their home. She appeared at our house 4 days after they moved; hungry and appeared slightly pregnant. We estimated prolly 1/2 way thru her pregnancy as her nipples were pink, poking out, some hair missing in small circles but not much. But we didn't know if she'd given birth recently as we have zero experience with female cats. Zero discharge, no grooming vulva area, back-end didn't appear to recently given birth, no matted wet nipples. We have 1 male, inside only, and he's been Snip snipped. We let her come to eat, she'd chill in the house for an hour then want back out, we did that for a couple of days to see if any changes would point one way or the other, we followed her home, walked the perimeter, listened best we could, it's a mobile home, and didn't hear anything.
We felt confident to bring her in the house in attempt to get her settled if she was indeed expecting. Monday she had the cutest milk droplet. She also woke up super thin in the hips. Over the week her milk has increasingly dripped usually only after she drinks or grooms. The hair around the nipples is now missing double or triple the amount.
She has times of restlessness which I would term nesting tho today she's been peaceful. Zero happenings in the vagina/vulva visual. Lots of ripple movements until last 2 days, and really quiet today. I THOUGHT I did anyway, I did feel babies (2-3 tops) and the last 2 days I really don't feel them.
Here's my question, she's been in the house for 6 days if she'd had babies would her milk still be coming in and hair loss increasing?
Or is she still expecting?
I truly feel like I am going crazy and trying to do the right thing by her, sweet sissy girl.
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Jun 4, 2021
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I agree she looks like she's given birth before, but it's possible she is both pregnant and has recently weaned a litter, hence the milk coming in already and amount of hair loss.


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Mar 8, 2015
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It sounds to me like she’s due any day now. If she was actively feeding a litter it seems she would be frantic to get back out to them. I think you’ll have your answer soon, and do keep us posted. Also, that’s what my cat looked like just before giving birth - dripping milk and total hair loss around the nipples from self-grooming.

Thanks for taking her in and shame on the neighbors for leaving her behind.