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Sep 16, 2021
A lovely stray has come to my yard a few months back. He's extremely friendly and I managed to capture him and get him neutered. He's made himself at home in our house. I have the kitchen window open for my own two kitties because it's still pretty warm. But will have to close them soon and keep my babies inside for the night. He's still spraying inside the house. Obviously the poor baby doesn't know how top use the litter box. I'm renting and can't afford to have the place smelling of cat pee. How can I get him to use the litter box? Don't want to leave him outside when it's cold 😢


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Jan 9, 2018
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Hi! Welcome!!

Something you could try is an enzymatic cleaner so that the odor isn't as apparent to him. Keep him enclosed in a room with litterboxes and tarps/unscented puppy pee pads covering things, and in at least one of the boxes put some soil from outside, just until he gets the hang of things. You may always need to have the boxes inside oversize storage tubs so that his spray doesn't get on the walls.

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Also, try a litter called Cat Attract.

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Nov 25, 2013
M MonaMoon19 : hello and welcome to TCS. Thanks for giving the stray a home, and getting him neutered. How long ago was he neutered? And do you know his approximate age? Neutering a cat when it's young, and hasn't yet started to spray, will generally prevent it from starting. But an older cat who is already spraying, won't always stop after being neutered. The stinky tom cat pee will lessen, though, once the hormones are out of his system. That can take a few weeks. But, of course, you still don't want cat urine around your home.

Spraying, btw, is different from peeing outside of the litter box, as spraying is a territorial thing. As for getting him to use the litter box, as Furballsmom Furballsmom recommended, try Cat Attract litter. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract™ Cat Litter - the litter cats love™

If he's just never used a litter box before, you could also try putting leaves or unfertilized gardening soil on top of the litter, which might help him realize the purpose of the litter box.

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