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Jan 9, 2018
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I wanted to post this for those of you having struggles of whatever nature involving cats. There are so many of us who try so hard for them and don't always get it exactly right, but sometimes, -- and sometimes it takes a long while, but then it really truly hits on all the right notes.

After 643 days, guess who got adopted? Venmo did from a true no-kill shelter, Maxfund in Denver! The following is a heartwarming update from his new human:

“I call Venmo Bentxu (BEN-choo) now. He started exploring my house the second he stepped out of the cat carrier. I’d expected him to immediately look for a place to hide (e.g., under my bed or in a closet), but instead he wandered around the house checking everything out with pure curiosity.

I followed him for the 1st lap around the house to get a sense of how he moves up/down stairs and on/off furniture and to make sure he couldn’t get himself into any tight spots that I might not have considered or been aware of. After exploring for a bit, all he wanted to do was be close to me, and it’s been that way since. He doesn’t really let me out of his sight, which I hope means that he knows he’s loved and in his forever home. He’s such a gentle, loving soul and I’m completely enamored of him.”
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