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Sep 6, 2022
Substitute dogs for cats :catrub: :redheartpump:

It brought tears to my eyes, remembering angel sweetpea Ebony :catrub:

My dear human, I see you crying, because it's time for me to leave.
Please don't cry.
I want to explain some things to you.
You're sad that I'm gone, but I'm glad to have met you.
How many dogs like me d-i-e every day without having met someone special like you?.
I know you are saddened by my departure, but I had to leave now.
I want to ask you not to blame yourself.
I heard you sobbing that you should have done something more for me. Don't say that, you've done a lot for me!
Without you, I would have known nothing of the beauty I carry with me today.
You must know that we animals live intensely in the present. Our lives begin when we know love, the same love you gave me, my wingless angel.
Please don't cry anymore. I leave happy.
I remember the name you gave me, the warmth of your house which at that time became mine. I hear the sound of his voice talking to me, even if I don't always understand what he is saying to me.
I carry in my heart every caress you gave me.
Wash your face and start smiling. There are many like me waiting for someone like you.
Please give them what you gave me, they need it like I needed you.

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
That was beautiful! It is always something I believe in too, do not try to change the past or see into the future, live in the present and love those who love you. Not one of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, live and love each and every day like it is your last. Give thanks for each and every morning, and live one day at a time.........