Small poops?


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Aug 2, 2021
Hi All,

Ok first i need to start this by saying i have become a little obsessed with my cat's poop. It seems to be related to my pandemic anxiety.

I have two 5 month old kittens. As babies they had diarrhea and ended up getting two rounds of antibiotics. The have been good since. Last week they got diarrhea again, most likely due to their teething and all the random things they chew. My one kitten, Ari, bounced back on her own, but the other, Rio, needed meds again but bounced back within 2 days of the meds. Rio has bloating issies that we believe are related to a chicken intolerance. Yesterday morning i noticed Ari had had smaller poop then normal. I started changing their food to chicken free yesterday morning so i think it's unrelated to the food. Her poops since then seem small but she doesnt seem constipated.
Both cats are good drinkers and they share a 3 oz can of wetfood in the evening that gets mixed with pumpkin (Ari eats most of this). They also get probiotics in their dry food.
I know i'm obsessed....this seems to be how i'm dealing with some bad pandemic anxiety and deoression. The kittens are fine in every other way. Are smaller poops normal at times?


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Jun 21, 2014
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So Rio has had slightly more problems in this area, but Ari is the one with the small stool, right? In young cats, hopefully ruling out any signs of trouble that an older cat could have, this is probably related to diet.
9 Ways to Help Your Constipated Cat | PetMD
This article might help, but we actually don't know that your kitten is constipated. Are the poops just small, but more or less normal in quantity, or is the quantity reduced as well? I wonder if the pumpkin is causing the problem since Ari eats the most of it. Does he strain at the litter box or show distress when he poops?