Skittish Kittens, Etc.

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Feb 6, 2001
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Thanks to everyone for your advice! I certainly appreciate it. Here's my next question: the mother kitty keeps the babies either (i) under our bed, or (ii) under the cedar chest. Yesterday I pulled them out from under the cedar chest and noticed that the kittens are not sociable at all. I held and pet each of them to get them used to people. (I rescued their mother from the outdoors at a local resort.) I then moved them into a large rubbermaid storage container and put them and mom in our (dark) closet. She moved them back. I don't want them to be like "dumpster kitties" and be unapproachable. What do you suggest?

On the other hand, my other litter is kept in a separate bedroom and just purr when you open the door and speak to them. However, the mother wants to go outside. Can she go outside? I don't know how long after she has babies might she get pregnant again (heaven forbid).

Thank you so much!!

Many thanks!


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Jan 2, 2001
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Do not let the mama outside until after she is spayed. Nursing mothers are more fertile and can become pregnant immediately. The last thing you need is another litter.

How old are the kittens? Since the other mother has moved her babies back to the original spot, that means she wants them there. As long as it's not a problem, I'd leave them be.

The kittens that are scared might be semi-feral. If they are old enough to be weaned (5-6 weeks) try putting a plate of dry kitten chow mixed with kitten milk supplement. See if they will eat it. Be patient. They will probably walk through it at first but that's a good way to get them started. Put a little on their lips. To socialize them, take each baby, papoose them (wrap them up) in a towel or blanket that has your scent on it with only their faces exposed. Sit on the floor very quietly whispering to them while you pet their head. Or...sit on the floor and let them approach you. I would try the first method. Semi-feral kittens can be socialized as long as they are away from their mothers before they are 6-8 weeks old. The longer they stay with mama, the more chances are she will pass off her feral traits to her kids.

Let me know how you make out. Just remember, it takes patience to bring semi-feral kitties around. Good luck.