Silly cats: that can not be comfortable!


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Apr 5, 2005
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I went into the pet room earlier today to check on what the cats were doing. (When my house is TOO quiet, I get suspcious since they can be a bit mischiveous!)

This was how I found Lucky (black) and Isabella (white) sleeping. Does anyone else have cats that sleep like Lucky? :lol3: After what happened with my sweet dog Macy this week (poor love passed away on Tuesday) I was a bit on the edge. So, my initial response was to shake Lucky a bit to make sure he was ok! (His eyes were closed when I first went in there, and he doesn't normally sleep that way). Thankfully, he was perfectly fine, and I only irritated him slightly when I woke him from his nap! :) (If you look closely, you can see Isabella's white tail stretched out across him :lol:)