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Siberian, Norwegian Forest Or Maine Coon Mixes?

Discussion in 'Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like?' started by Shannym22, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Shannym22

    Shannym22 Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    Aug 14, 2019
    734A029A-647E-4E1F-8659-17CD96BD08F0.jpeg A68421FB-9923-4C91-A2BC-2BDACAE1E21C.jpeg 529E43CE-309E-4C6D-884E-EC7321E9C55E.jpeg 56AF17DD-6D6E-4A6B-A5CA-83486FF07E6F.jpeg 8A769FA6-AA70-4DEB-A5E2-6795CD2DFCE5.jpeg E02A4CFC-C527-4245-AF7B-8DBFAB6E9DE8.jpeg 734A029A-647E-4E1F-8659-17CD96BD08F0.jpeg A68421FB-9923-4C91-A2BC-2BDACAE1E21C.jpeg 529E43CE-309E-4C6D-884E-EC7321E9C55E.jpeg 56AF17DD-6D6E-4A6B-A5CA-83486FF07E6F.jpeg 8A769FA6-AA70-4DEB-A5E2-6795CD2DFCE5.jpeg Hi everyone!

    I rescued these sisters two weeks ago when their owner moved and left them behind-their coloring is very unique. From best I can tell I would guess they are Siberian mixes? Can anyone tell me what each of their coloring would be called? Blueberry (Billie) is the more tabby looking kitten and Lily is the light Calico looking kitten. They have long hair and I am guessing around 5-6 months of age? I am actually afraid that the Calico might be pregnant but have no experience in cat pregnancy. We see the vet today so wish me luck that it’s not the case! Both girls have a spay appointment Thursday.
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  2. StefanZ

    StefanZ Advisor Staff Member Advisor

    Sep 18, 2005
    The darker seems to be a tabby too, so she is a torbie with white.

    The lighter is diluted, Im not sure if she is a tabby. So diluted tortie with white.

    Re the breed, count them simply as domestic longhair. Very few of cats are purebred or a good look alike to a recognized breed....

    Very pretty and nice, count yourself as lucky whom got them. Also, not all cats like small children, so good your child is friendly with them, and vice versa...

    If they are somewhat look alike to some recognized breed, you will probably see better when they have grown up and matured...

    If the pregnancy isnt very advanced, you can calmly spay them at their appointed spaying.
    Medically it isnt no big deal (unless done very late).
    Ethically not very pleasant, but its not so bad as it looks: With humans, a baby may survive already at halfway through pregnancy, if the hospital is good enough.

    With kittens, they arent viable if delivered more than a few days early. More than 3 days too early is practically a death doom even if the owners fights for them.
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  3. rosegold

    rosegold TCS Member Super Cat

    Feb 1, 2018
    Oh my heart!! :loveeyes: What beautiful girls!! I have a giant weakness for calicos and torties... I just want to snuggle them!

    I agree - Blueberry looks like a torbie, or tortoiseshell-tabby, with white (I think mackerel pattern, since her coloring reminds me of my Chilli, but I’m not an expert on that), and Lily looks like a dilute calico. There are a lot of other terms that essentially mean the same or similar things (patched tabby, caliby, tabico, etc). They are most likely domestic longhairs but maybe other members will see some breed resemblance... I think Siberians are usually more round and “chunky” in appearance.

    They are going to be a stunning pair when they are all grown up and even more floofy!!
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  4. Furballsmom

    Furballsmom Cat Fan especially Black Cats Staff Member Forum Helper

    Jan 9, 2018
    Colorado USA
    Hi! They're lovely!! During those two weeks were they able to eat at all regularly? I realize they're young and wouldn't necessarily be filled out, but they need to eat lots :vibes::sunshine:

    Bless you for being there for them :heartshape:
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  5. jen

    jen TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 27, 2001
    Hudson, OH
    Beautiful domestic longhaired cats. Hopefully she isn't pregnant. Many vets can still spay if pregnant. So no need to bring more cats into the world.

  6. sabian

    sabian TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Mar 11, 2017
    North Carolina
    I agree with @StefanZ on breed....and coloring. They do appear to have some big breed influence but, as Stefanz stated, it's hard to tell at a young age.

    If I had to take a wild guess though, I would lean more toward NFC. The ears are large like an MC but, there muzzles are more triangular like an NFC. The pic of Lilly with her legs crossed is an MC trait but, not exclusive to them. Since they were abandoned it's possible they could have come from a low level breeder. You could try a DNA test and see what comes up.

    No matter, they're both beautiful kitties and luck to have you!
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