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Discussion in 'Showing and Ethical Breeding' started by haleyds, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. haleyds

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    Oct 16, 2015
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    So my title may be misleading, but I was just curious if there are any moggie catshows out there just for fun? I feel like it'd be an awful lot of fun for all the mixed breeds to be shown for personality and color just as a big event for cat lovers to join in.
    Not that I don't understand that the point of TICA and CFA cat shows are to present the best breed standards and beauty of certain qualities in said breed and I know these shows take so much time and money, but I'm sure people who take place in them still love what they're doing.
    And to be clear I'm not trying to make new breeds or anything, just curious as to if there is anything like that our there lol.
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    CFA and TICA both have Household Pet divisions :). They have certain rules---all cats must be spayed/neutered, TICA allows de-clawed cats (they make it clear that they don't support it but are working under the assumption that it was done by a previous owner) but CFA does not. If there are any cat shows coming to your area, look it up! It's fun for a cat with the right personality.
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  3. haleyds

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    Oct 16, 2015
    North Carolina
    Oh my gosh I had no idea! I would absolutely love to enter princess after she heals from having her baby. She has such a social personality and loves meeting new people, she's almost dog like when it comes to that lol.
    Thank you for enlightening me!
  4. abyeb

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    Feb 18, 2017
    Here's the CFA article about showing household pets: Showing Household Pets
    CFA's household pets have to be spayed or neutered, and not declawed. Household pets can also be entered into agility events, which is a lot of fun! In fact, a household pet named Mimi was fifth nationally for CFA agility in 2016-2017. Mimi was also a grand household pet and a household pet regional winner, HHPs can earn titles just like their pedigreed counterparts. Then, there's also the Average Joe Cat Show, which is its own event, separate from CFA and TICA. An important distinction between CFA and TICA HHPs is that CFA has to be non-pedigree cats, whereas TICA can have off-standard pedigrees entered in along with the randombred cats: Household Pet Introduction
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    The website has a number of different ways to find the dates and locations of cat shows. is probably the easiest one to read. If you tell me where you're located I can help you find shows in your region. It might be best if you go to a show as a spectator first just to see how it works. When you're watching the judging/finals of the HHP class you can meet some of the owners who will be happy to talk to you about showing. When you enter your first show there's a place on the entry form for comments. Just say that you're a first time exhibitor and the club will try to bench you near someone who can help you during the show.
  6. abyeb

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    Feb 18, 2017
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    Household pet competition can be fun! I strongly encourage you to try it. Read the articles the others have posted links to and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Be forewarned though - showing can be addictive! Last year I did show my Sunny as a household pet once to show someone the ropes. He did very well, but it didn't count since he is registered as a pedigree Persian not as an HHP.
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    Also. As I understamd 4H has also shows. A little more leisurely

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