Show me your eyes


The Mouse servant
Jul 8, 2013
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The Mouse Pad, UK
Thank you. I think he is a great feline model.
   Some cats are more obliging than others when it comes to sitting or standing still (while awake) than others and it looks like Sami is one of that select little group.  
    Mouse tends to run from my camera as soon as he hears it (doesn't even wait for me to get it out of its case or turn it on.).  
      Serves me right, I probably took about 100 pictures of him every time I went to visit him as a kitten (waiting to bring him home with me), and then even more every day for about a month after I got him moved in to my place.  
     Poor  Mouse.  

 I don't think you can ever have too many photos though, and at least here on TCS we are in fine company, surrounded by other people who share this view. 
    Sami and Kiki must be building up quite a large collection of albums here on TCS already - must go take a look.