Shorter Expiration Date? (Prazosin)


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Nov 24, 2021

I have a cat with FLUTD, so I regularly need to get ahold of Prazosin for his episodes. Usually this isn't too big a deal as the expiration dates I'm given are almost always four or so months out, so I can usually rely on them as an emergency supply for the next episode.

But I noticed my most recent order came in with an expiration date that's only a little over two months post-fill (as in, my previous bottle is supposed to expire two weeks AFTER the new bottle). I don't understand this, and to be honest I feel pretty cheated. If this isn't some kind of one-off then it's some pretty dang blatant exploitation of chronic conditions like this one, because it makes no sense that it would start losing potency any faster than it always has.

I'm aware that expiration dates are mostly hogwash anyway for this kind of medication, but has anyone else experienced the same thing before? I really like my vet and depend on them to treat this really difficult condition, so before I march over to find out why they're charging me full price for something that (apparently) works for half the length of time it used to, it'd be nice to know if kind of thing just occasionally happens due to old stock. (It's possible it's already happened to me in the past and I just didn't pick up on it, but the span of time has just seemed so consistent to me that this really stuck out.)

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. I would ask the vet about the change in expiration time and see what they have to say. It might be possible it is a misprinted date.

Could it be a different brand, and that might be the difference?

If there is no valid explanation for it, they may just tell you to bring back the bottle and they will exchange it for a 'new' one.