Scottish Fold Health Concerns...can They Be Healthy In Old Age?


Charlie's Purrson
Feb 18, 2017
The health concerns are the reason why many breeders have now moved to working with straight-eared Scottish cats that do not have the folded-ear gene. Straight-eared Scottish cats are accepted for competition in TICA, and have recently been accepted for competition in CFA.
I fully support this move. Breeding of straight-eared Scottish cats (or Scottish Straights, as I believe TICA is calling them) allows for the preservation of the breed’s unique features, like the cute round head, big eyes, and sweet personality, minus the health issues that arise with the folded ears. I haven’t been to a TICA show yet, and when I was last at a CFA show, straight-eared Scottish cats were not accepted yet, so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a straight-eared Scottish cat in the show ring yet. But when cat shows start up again, I look forward to meeting some beautiful, but, most importantly, healthy, Scottish Straights.