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Oct 17, 2020
Hello everyone, I speak as a partner of, Pet Partners.
While, Pet Partners main focus is dogs and puppies, they do have those like myself and some others who help them foster cats, which go through their name on But unfortunately, since their brand is 'dog', its harder for us fosters who do good under their name to get proper help to aid the cats in our care. So we rely on the support of funding from others to aid in our cause.

As such, I would like to bring attention to my Patreon, as I am doing my best to get funding to help not just the stray and wayward dogs/puppies in my area, but cats/kittens too. I currently have five kittens under my care who I fostering until they can go to a forever home. But all good fosters need to start somewhere. So I am asking for help to help me grow so I can go more good to help those that need it.


I plan to expand my efforts in making a free website in the near future as well, which will give details about past animals I have rescued and whether they have or have not been adopted out yet to their forever home. I also plan to link an Amazon Wishlist specifically for the fostering so that if you decide you want to help with something specific, you can send something in the list so you know where your funding is going. But for right now, patrons are needed.

The sooner the better, as the same couple who surrendered these five kittens to me has a mother cat they also plan on spaying and surrendering in the near future as shes pregnant and they wish to give her up to a good home. But I have spoken to my co-foster and they already have 40 cats they are fostering and can not handle a pregnant mother. There is not many other options for this mother cat out there right now and this family doesn't want to just pass the cats into a shelter, which are full as is.

If I can get enough patrons to help me in the funding, I will take her in and help Pet Partners aid her and her kittens in finding their forever homes.
Please consider becoming a patron to help me as a foster and Pet Partners to better help aid the animals here find their forever family.



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May 27, 2013
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Note that this reminder is posted in all threads asking for donations and is not directed at any specific person.

From the Mods:
To all members, a reminder that it is YOUR responsibility to check out these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references, phone numbers, call around the area and find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. does not stand behind any solicitation of funds for any reason that appear in the forums unless explicitly authorized. Be very careful before you send any money: no matter how effective the plea is, check it out first before opening your wallet. For more information, see Pleas for Money.