Rehome or is this fixable?

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Jun 11, 2024
Did you try this rescue? They work eith behavioural issues: The Animal Rescue Mission
I will try both. Thank you for sharing.

I didn’t take him out with a harness tonight, but I did take him out with him in my arms, took a walk, then plopped him down next to me and started walking. But he just started crying. I gave him a minute, he starting meowing louder. So I picked him up and walked him to the driveway. He did follow me up into the building. Probably with time, he’d get used to it but he’s got high nervous energy, so he freaks himself out. I have mirrored closets and he jumps up on the counter on the bathroom mirror and stares at himself. Then gets mad like he wants to fight but he’s seeing his own image. Silly! 😂 He's not all bad. It’s just he is a bit of a wild card.

When he got my ankle today I honestly wasn’t expecting it, so I said “Oww!” loud enough that he immediately knew he did something too hard. Then walked out of the room and told him to cool down. He is started to understand the word no, but he doesn’t like it. My boys breathing is a bit stressed and my girls pupils are saucers which isn’t normal, so I know they’re stressed. I’m actually calm but frustrated. I will try some places tomorrow.


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Apr 29, 2022
With a harness he will feel more secure since it hugs them. It's significantly safer too.

Looking forward to hearing what rescue is able to help you!