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Jan 5, 2022

Would anyone have advice on a good harness and lead for a slender Russian Blue kitten (4 months old)? Amazon options are overwhelming! And there's always something wrong in the reviews with all of them. So hard to know what to get. :)

Context for use:
I live in a top floor flat with a roof terrace. The terrace has railings around it that any cat can walk through. Beyond the railings is a kind of no access area that covers the whole building - overgrown with wild grasses and flowers. It's a great private garden for my cats. I've owned 3 cats in my time here and they have all enjoyed this space with no issues. However, they were chilled out cats (BSH crosses + a Persian). My RB kitten is a maniac! My Persian adult cat is super mellow. He has enjoyed access to the roof for 6 years now. However, I am worried about how an active, agile RB will take to this space. For now, I would like to let her out carefully supervised on a lead. She often looks out the window at the space. I would not consider her going out unleashed until she is around 1 year old (if at all). I've not owned RB before. I know they calm down when adults, but wonder how she will take to this space.

My flat is like a glass greenhouse, so rely on windows and terrace door open to survive the overheating (over insulation) of the building. All the flats here suffer from this. No AC. I like the cats to have their independence accessing the roof (this has worked with 3 cats) - but yet to know if this is feasible with an RB (Millie).

Many thanks!

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Cat McCannon

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Mar 28, 2021
Kitty Holster is a brand. Go to their website and customize your Kitty Holster before ordering. It’s harder for a cat to escape from a Kitty Holster but not impossible. No cat harness is escape proof.

di and bob

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Dec 12, 2012
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The only harness that worked for my Chrissy was the figure 8 type, it actually tightens as they pull against it. I tried about 5 harnesses and she always turned around backward and slipped out of them. I was forever chasing her down. Many cats have that excitable, overstimulated personality, some breeds more than others. Many are that way when kittens and settle down. It is just a matter of getting your cat used to what is up there. just make sure she is leashed until you are sure she won't take a flying leap over that railing. Lead her up to the edge and make sure she is aware of what is there. Cats are unpredictable. You are lucky nothing bad has happened, especially if other cats have access to that area, maybe even dogs. They could panic if chased. I would supervise if I were you, until at least you are sure.