Questions about Sadie


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May 30, 2015
Oh no , I just read about the cords on the kittens and I have had boys most of my life.My mother was around when I had Jasmine a female cat that had a litter before bringing her to the vet.I am glad I joined this site because I will not know what to do when my sadiegirl has kittens.I know I call her my cat although I am not sure if she belongs to anyone.I knocked on doors yesterday for a short time trying to find out about her.How can you tell if she already had her kittens?Is there any signs maybe on her nipples because sadiegirl seems to be a bit smaller in the stomach area but she will eat 3 times a day.She ate a can of wet food and half bowl of dry food for breakfast yesterday.Then during the day she ate another bowl of dry food and half can of wet food and another large bowl of dry food at night.That is so much food for one cat so I am thinking she is still pregnant but now I am worried about this cord thing.Would her stomach get smaller if she had her kittens but maybe left them.Because that kitten I seen two days ago looked like her but it ran away from me.This cat is making me worry and crazy about her because she is a kitten having kittens.My husband said she does not look as big anymore but she has the nipples and she does not leave the front yard or side yard but to do her business. 


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Mar 8, 2015
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Welcome to the site! I have asked a moderator to create a new thread for you.

First of all, I would keep Sadie in the house with a litter box instead of letting her go out since she appears to be pregnant. How long has she been pregnant? When did you first notice her nipples getting rosy? It sounds like her stomach may have dropped, which means the kittens have dropped into the birth canal in preparation for birthing.

Is she nesting in a special box or place you have set up for her? Her appetite indicates she may still be pregnant. Let's hear your answers before we continue! :)