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Question Of The Day, Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Discussion in 'The Cat Lounge' started by Mamanyt1953, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Mamanyt1953

    Mamanyt1953 Thread Starter Rules my home with an iron paw Staff Member Forum Helper

    Oct 16, 2015
    Havelock, North Carolina
    Think back now, what was your best birthday present, ever?

    Easy one for me. Thirteenth birthday, I got my beautiful mare, Dusty. TOTAL surprise. We "went for a drive," and going down a dirt road, we saw one of our friends, Mike, riding the most beautiful horse I had seen in a while. She was white, with a snowy mane, but a black tale. Her head was so elegant! Dad stopped, and chatted with Mike for a few minutes, then asked me if I liked the horse. I said, "OH DADDY, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!" Dad said, "I'm glad you like her. She's yours. Get out and ride her home!" I got on Dusty, Mike got in the car, and my young life was never the same again.

    I say that Dusty was white, but...she actually had pinto skin, and over the dark skin were very, very pale gray appaloosa spots. She had the typical appy eyes and striped hooves. We bred her a few times, and got some gorgeous foals from her. She was one of the best horses I've ever known, one of the rare ones who will adjust the ride to the rider. I could throw a 3-year-old up on her back, and she'd plod along like a tired-out plow horse. Put an experienced rider on her, and her front feet would start lifting in a prance and dance. I had Dusty until I was 25, when I no longer had time to really ride and spend time with her. She went to friends of my parents, for their granddaughter. They treasured her for another 10 years. She died peacefully in her stall at the age of 27 years old, much beloved.

  2. Norachan

    Norachan Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    May 27, 2013
    Mount Fuji, Japan
    Wow, your best birthday present was so much better than mine.

    When I was ten my parents finally relented and let me start horse riding. I'd been pestering them for years, but they thought it was too dangerous to let me try until I was a bit older.

    For my tenth birthday I was taken to a local riding stable and had the first of a dozen riding lessons which my parents had paid for.

    After that life was never the same. I became obsessed with finding ways to make enough money to pay for more riding lessons. Then when I turned 12 the stable owner suggested I join her army of pony girls and work around the yard in return for free rides.


  3. NY cat man

    NY cat man TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    My best birthday present came only a few years ago. I had always wanted a router to use on my woodworking projects, but never could bring myself to spend the money for one. About 5 years ago, Michele gave me a wad of money, and told me to get one, so I went to Rockler, an 'adult toy store' and got a router, table, and an assortment of bits. I have since used it on many projects, most recently to build a custom wall cabinet for the kitchen for storing her baking sheets.

  4. maggiedemi

    maggiedemi TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 26, 2017
    That worked out well, you both benefited from it. :)

    We stopped celebrating birthdays when I was 5 years old, so I don't really remember. But my dad gives each of us kids $100 on our birthdays now, so of course I buy hot sauce with it! So that's the best present in my mind. :thumbsup:
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  5. NY cat man

    NY cat man TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    $100 ??? That was more than my father brought home in a week. With 7 kids to feed, needless to say, our birthdays were not gala events.

  6. AbbysMom

    AbbysMom At Abby's beck and call Staff Member Moderator

    May 18, 2005
    I don't remember any childhood ones to be honest.

    My husband's birthday is the day before mine. We no longer exchange gifts but we normally go away on vacation for our birthdays as our gifts to ourselves.
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  7. Winchester

    Winchester TCS Member Veteran

    Aug 28, 2009
    In the kitchen
    Of my 64 birthdays, two really stand out. My parents gave me a surprise 16th birthday party. I had no idea what was going on. It was really nice. Classmates and friends.

    And then, when I turned 40, Rick and our son gave me a surprise birthday party. Again, I had no clue, which is really unusual as I always manage to figure out what's going on. That time I didn't. I even talked to my co-worker that day and we were talking about supper and what we were having. He said they were going out to dinner; what he didn't say was that they were coming to my party. They took a picture of me as I walked into the building; I had no idea until we pulled up in the car and then it finally hit me. My family, relatives, friends, and some of my co-workers from IP. My mom and Rick's mom did all the cooking for the dinner. It was a great time and I loved it. And, of course, I received all the "40 is Dead" gag gifts. I was writing Thank You notes forever!

    An honorable mention was my 25th birthday when Rick baked and decorated my birthday cake. Chocolate, of course, with white frosting and blue decorations. Adorable!
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  8. Graceful-Lily

    Graceful-Lily *Alien* Top Cat

    May 30, 2016
    Orbiting the Earth. . .
    Wow, that is a very touching story.

    I can only think back to my 16th birthday. I was watching the shopping channel and they had a birthstone ring for December (blue topaz). The rings were gorgeous and I've always wanted one but the price! Yikes! My mom saw me watching the television and listened to how much I would love a ring like that. She surprised me by ordering one. I honestly had no idea. One problem, it came too early so when I saw the package, I tore it open and screamed in excitement. Another problem, my fingers were bigger than she thought so when I tried it on, it was tight. Anyway, she returned it and got my proper size. I know it seems like a small thing, the ring. But to me, it's very symbolic - a representation of how much my mother loves me. I can't think of a better birthday present.

  9. Lari

    Lari TCS Member Top Cat

    Nov 18, 2017
    We had this tradition in my family when someone turned 10 - with my siblings and my cousins, my grandma sewed this little bag with the number 10 on it, and there were 10 of each kind of coin in it, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins - maybe the 50 cent ones, too, I don't remember. It was special because it was the present you only got that year.

  10. muffy

    muffy TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 9, 2014
    When I turned 6 years old my parents gave me a two wheel bike. So far that is my favorite birthday present.

  11. tarasgirl06

    tarasgirl06 TCS Member Top Cat

    Sep 19, 2006
    Glendale, California
    It's not possible for me to say, because I'm sure every one was special, but I don't remember particular ones, except for one. My ex drove us to a lake and booked a boat, and we took it out on the lake. It was beautiful!
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  12. cassiopea

    cassiopea TCS Member Top Cat

    May 30, 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    When I turned ten years old my parents surprised me with a visit to a breeder who lived on a farm - and I got my Jack Russell puppy! And we were together for 15 years after that before she passed.

    I had really wanted my own dog prior (My parents had two German Shepherds) so I made to read a ton of books of dog care and the JRT breed specifically for a whole year, since it was the one I wanted. Thankfully my parents and the nice breeder lady thought I was ready :D

    Then when I turned 16 I got my horse, Mannerheim! Again same method of surprise. He was just a yearling so I spent lot's of time training him after that, which I didn't mind at all!

    I used have my Manny with me :redheartpump:

  13. micknsnicks2mom

    micknsnicks2mom TCS Member Top Cat

    Feb 15, 2014
    ...with the cats...
    honestly, just a quiet day together, me and my cats! :catlove: many years, i've given my cats a few cat toys that day too, as gifts. :D
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  14. Graceful-Lily

    Graceful-Lily *Alien* Top Cat

    May 30, 2016
    Orbiting the Earth. . .
    I can't edit my first post but I just wanted to post a photo of the ring incase anyone was wondering what it looks like.

  15. dustydiamond1

    dustydiamond1 Minion to Gypsy since October 2016 Top Cat

    Jan 24, 2017
    Central Illinois, USA
    My Welsh pony Dusty on my Birthday.
    I was 8 and he was 4.

  16. tarasgirl06

    tarasgirl06 TCS Member Top Cat

    Sep 19, 2006
    Glendale, California
    WOW, @Graceful-Lily -- that's quite a spectacular ring! Beautiful. That would be very special to me, not only because it's lovely, but more so, because it was a gift from your mom.
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  17. tarasgirl06

    tarasgirl06 TCS Member Top Cat

    Sep 19, 2006
    Glendale, California
    That's my favorite way to spend birthdays these days, too, @micknsnicks2mom -- quality time with those I love most in this world!

  18. susanm9006

    susanm9006 Willow Top Cat

    Feb 20, 2011
    Okay I am seriously jealous. I have a basement full of tools but, sniff, no router. I just have to figure the right project that requires me to use a router. And there is a Rockler store just two miles away..

  19. maggiedemi

    maggiedemi TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 26, 2017
    Your ring is beautiful. I love the blue color.
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  20. NY cat man

    NY cat man TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    Well, so far I have used it to recreate mouldings for doors and windows, made screens, built a frame for a corkboard out of white oak, made a new threshold for our back door, built the cabinet to match the factory-built ones, and now I'm building a base cabinet to replace the chintzy microwave stand we have. Pick any one, but take my advice and start with something simple , and go from there as your skill increases.

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