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In the kitchen with my cookies
Aug 28, 2009
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In the kitchen
All of our kids have always loved catnip. I still do catnip parties from time to time. I bring out the nip and sprinkle it in four piles on the living room floor. Each cat has her own pile of nip. They roll around, eat it, and then lick themselves. They get a nice snack and then they go to nap somewhere. I get the vacuum out and clean the floor.

Hydrox (Hydrox P. Puddy, our black baby) always loved his catnip. One time my aunt gave me some homegrown stuff in a small baggie. I put the baggie up on the second shelf of a cabinet above the countertop. Came home from work one afternoon and such a sight! The cabinet door was open, Hydrox was lying flat on his back under the kitchen table with his tongue hanging out; I honestly thought the boy was dead. There was all this stuff around the kitchen. I had no idea what had happened. And then it hit me......Hydrox found "his" weed. That boy was stoned for quite a while. I picked him up and carried him back to bed. And then cleaned the kitchen. I was still smiling when Rick came home.

While our house was being built, we lived in a house with a finished basement. There was a nice fireplace down there and it was the perfect spot to hang our Christmas stockings and have our Christmas. Not thinking, I simply put a catnip pillow in Hydrox's stocking. Well, he knew that pillow was in there. And he eventually got the stocking to the floor and got the pillow. And we had a stoned cat. (I was at work on second shift when all this happened.) Well, Rick said it was like something out of a sitcom. Hydrox tried to jump onto the tv (the old cabinet-type tv), slid across the television, crashed into a ceramic Santa, and Santa and cat hit the floor. Santa broke his arm, but the boy was fine. Maybe his dignity was injured but that was it. We still have the Santa, Rick fixed his arm, and every year when we bring him out, we say, "Do you remember when......??"

Hydrox definitely had his thing for catnip. It was a true passion. And he was hilarious.


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Apr 15, 2019
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St. Louis MO
How cute! ❤ 🦝 Demi wanted to be friends with a raccoon, but I grabbed him away. He was so mad, he nearly took my hand off. But I didn't know if a raccoon would hurt him?

That is so cool! My mom & her church never allowed any type of belief in signs. I would like to believe in all that stuff, but they pound it into your head that it's from the devil.
In the 2 years I've observed the raccoons with these cats, no they do not hurt them. There may be one or two that like to pester or taunt the cats which is common among the juvies and not adult raccoons, but they don't actually hurt them. Four of them taunted Tourmaline the other night. For the most part she ignored them and finally she's like Enough and clawed each one. You heard a squeal and one by one the raccoons retreated. I find that raccoons are really submissive to the cats though. Treasure is always swatting at them if they distract his nap time, in which case they'll lower their head and back up. I read that a cat can cause some good damage to a raccoon. Now if a raccoon is cornered or they feel you are hurting their young, then they become aggressive, regardless of species, four legged or human. Raccoons do more harm to each other then other species. And possums may not hurt us but boy are they almost blood and gore vicious with each other.