Question of the Day, Sunday the 7th of March. 2021


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Jan 22, 2017
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Hello and Happy Sunday, the first one in March

Pretend you work for the FBI or whatever it is called in your country. You are not an agent or operative but you are known
for your skills with accents and speak many languages. Because of this, you've been chosen for a special assignment. Infiltrate a group of bad people (you can choose the group), become best buds with the leader and get him on tape saying the group wants to overthrow the government. It will take 6 months of training. There are already 2 UCs who've already infiltrated. The group is violent and you cannot carry any weapons but the other 2 have your back. You cannot bring your cats but they will be well taken care of while you're gone. If you do it you will receive $10,000,000 taxes already taken out. if you attempt it and fail you'll receive $3,000,000

I would do it, in my situation I would speak with a Chicago accent.

I would only do it if there were 2UCs already there.

Changed my mind. I would not do it

What about you?
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