Question of the Day, Sunday the 21st of February

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Jan 22, 2017
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Ohio, USA
I dress differently now than before the surgery that caused the RSD/CRPS. I now have
allodynia Definition of Allodynia

I cannot wear anything that is harsh against my skin. I had to retire my denim jacket
because it felt like needles being pushed into my skin.I did find a catalog called
Soft Surroundings and their clothes are soft but expensive Nicole gives me her
old sheets which I love because they're so soft from so many washings. I get lots
of hand me downs from my nephew's wife, most from Old Navy, very soft.


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Mar 26, 2017
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Upstate NY
Bootcut jeans are my thing. I'm tall as a skyscraper, so they are always long enough and they make me feel so fancy that I always strut in them for some reason. :lol:

I don't dare go back to sweatpants, cause I lived in them for 20 years. 😲

For shirts, I love ribbed shirts. Crewnecks mostly, since they don't show my straps.

For colors, I hate bright colors. I like dark colors- brown is my favorite, gray, navy, olive green, tan, light sky blue. Wine color is okay. I love black but no longer wear it because it attracts too much cat hair. I like solid colors mostly, no pictures or designs unless it's a band or maybe a cool saying.
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