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Nov 25, 2013
Hi Rubysmama, do you mind my asking where in Canada you are? I was a member here years ago, but saw a post recently that I wanted to answer, so rejoined. I'm orig. Mtl, lived/worked Toronto x 20 yrs, moved around 2000 to NS with (now) ex and I'm all alone here now in NB (didn't want to stay in NS, but Mtl/T.O. are expensive these days. My one kid is black, 14 and male, from a no-kill in NS, and is a very very 'good' cat, if not a snuggly like my others have been. If you're too snowed with notes here and/or replies, no problem. PS - I'm anything but a 'young cat' but guess that's what they call you when you're new...?
Welcome back! When I have a chance, I'll send you a pm so we can discuss Canada without clogging this thread. 🇨🇦
As for being a "young cat", if you stick around, and keep posting, you'll be an "adult cat" before you know it. :catman:

Promotion Ladder goes as follows:
Kitten: 5 posts and 1 day of membership
Young Cat: 20 posts and 5 days of membership
Adult Cat: 100 posts and 10 days of membership
Alpha cat: 300 posts and 40 days of membership
Super Cat: 700 posts and 90 days of membership
Top Cat: 1200 posts and 120 days of membership


In the kitchen with my cookies
Aug 28, 2009
In the kitchen
Music. Always music. Always rock. I connect my iPod to the stereo in the living room and then crank it up. Cleaning, cooking, baking. It's always music. The cats are used to it; Rick is not. When I first retired and would clean, I had music playing. The first time, he looked at me and said, "Seriously, dear?" And I said, "It's what I do! Go for a walk until I'm done!" Sometimes he'll go out to the WeShed while I'm cleaning.