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Question Of The Day, Friday, April 19

Discussion in 'The Cat Lounge' started by Winchester, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Winchester

    Winchester Thread Starter TCS Member Veteran

    Aug 28, 2009
    In the kitchen
    Good morning! :wave3: And Happy Friday! :cloud9:

    I'm making a lemon meringue pie for our Easter dessert and, while I was looking through my cookbooks for dessert ideas, I came out with our QoTD for today:

    Do you prefer cake or pie? Both? Neither? What kind of cake? What kind of pie? What's your choice?

    With me, it's cake. A white coconut cake, to be specific. The only pie that I really, really like is a good lemon meringue. I'm definitely on Team Cake!

    You could be like my BIL. When my sister and BIL come for dinner, sometimes I'll have both cake and pie. I'll ask my BIL: Do you want a slice of cake or would you prefer pie? His answer is always: YES! :)

    How about you?
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  2. Kat0121

    Kat0121 Advisor Staff Member Advisor

    Feb 23, 2014
    Sunny Florida
    I'm not a big fan of either really. If I had to choose I guess I'd pick Key lime pie. No meringue.
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  3. AbbysMom

    AbbysMom At Abby's beck and call Staff Member Moderator

    May 18, 2005
    Definitely cake. I'm not a fruit pie person so I lean more towards chocolate cream, etc if I do have pie.
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  4. sivyaleah

    sivyaleah TCS Member Veteran

    Dec 16, 2011
    New Jersey
    Pie - cake is fine but I like more types of pies than cakes.
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  5. Mia6

    Mia6 Mother of two Top Cat

    Jan 22, 2017
    Ohio, USA
    Tough choice....would have to say cake but pies run a close second. Love
    French silk pie.
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  6. blueyedgirl5946

    blueyedgirl5946 TCS Member Veteran

    Sep 10, 2005
    I used to prefer cake. Now that I eat gluten free, I don't do very much of either.
    I did recently have a craving for pie though. I made a gluten free pie crust and filled it with chocolate, whipped cream on top. That was good. But if I could have something now, gluten free style, it would be icebox fruitcake.
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  7. Tobermorey

    Tobermorey TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 13, 2017
    Pie for me—apple, raspberry, blueberry or rhubarb—with one exception: I might have to pass up a piece of pie for Costco’s tuxedo cake!

  8. maggiedemi

    maggiedemi TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 26, 2017
    I've really picky about desserts. For pie I like the ones covered in those delicious crumbs. For cake I like crumb cake, pound cake, and wedding cake with the fancy frosting flowers and decorations.
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  9. jcat

    jcat Mo(w)gli's can opener Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 13, 2003
    Mo(w)gli Monster's Lair
    I rarely eat either, but like both, especially devil's food cake and strawberry rhubarb pie.
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  10. NY cat man

    NY cat man TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    For me, it's pie- especially rhubarb pie, although a tart cherry pie is a close second.
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  11. weebeasties

    weebeasties TCS Member Super Cat

    Jul 14, 2016
    Team cake! My two favorites are a buttery yellow cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (store bought cream cheese frosting is just GROSS), and strawberry shortcake (but not with the sponge cake most people eat. I like the crumbly cake that has a biscuit-like texture. It soaks up the strawberry juice really well and isn't too sweet).
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  12. mama africa

    mama africa TCS Member Top Cat

    May 9, 2016
    Cream cheese pie with gingersnap cookie crust and raspberries

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  13. maggiedemi

    maggiedemi TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 26, 2017
    That looks like cheesecake.
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  14. neely

    neely May the purr be with you Staff Member Forum Helper

    Dec 22, 2005
    OMG, that cake is positively divine! :yummy:

    Definitely cake for me, anything with dark chocolate preferably and, of course, low calories. :wink:
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  15. mama africa

    mama africa TCS Member Top Cat

    May 9, 2016
    It's an ungoing discussion (on the internet); some say it's a (cheese)cake, some consider it to be a pie, others call it a tart...
    Cheesecake: Cake, pie or tart? (Editorial)

    Cake, pie or tart… I really don't care; as long as it tastes delicious.
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  16. LTS3

    LTS3 TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Aug 29, 2014
    I don't like pie. I'm not too fussy about cake as long as it's not cheesecake or chiffon type :barf:
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  17. Willowy

    Willowy TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 1, 2009
    South Dakota
    I'm at Costco all the time and I've never seen that tuxedo cake. . .but I'm definitely looking for it next time!

    I suppose I probably like most cakes more than most pies. Most pie crusts aren't so great and I don't like meringue. But I'm not picky, I'll eat them anyway :D (OK, I do scrape off most of the meringue and don't eat bad crust).

    One thing I do that most people think is weird is that I pour some milk on my pie, and dip forkfuls of cake in a glass of milk (because cake falls apart if I pour milk on it). I don't like it dry, what can I say? :lol:
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  18. mightyboosh

    mightyboosh TCS Member Top Cat

    Jul 19, 2017
    Burnley, UK
    I like both. Cherry pie with cream or ice cream mmmm, a cream sponge cake mmm, cheesecake mmm. There are lots of yummy stuff of both types.

    However, what I call a real pie is the savoury type such as meat, meat and potato etc. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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  19. DreamerRose

    DreamerRose TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 11, 2015
    Naperville, IL
    I like both. For cakes, I like chocolate fudge (my recipe) and carrot cake. For pies, I like French Silk and Key Lime. Whatever it is, it has to have lots of flavor.
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  20. maggiedemi

    maggiedemi TCS Member Top Cat

    Mar 26, 2017
    Yeah, I'd rather have a pot pie. :yummy:
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