Putting Food By


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Dec 28, 2018
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I have a lemon tree that gleefully produces well over a thousand huge, sweet lemons lemons each winter. I give them away by the hundreds, and when I've exhausted people willing to take them, I juice most of the rest and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. I also slice or wedge and freeze some, for garnishes or cleaning the garbage disposal.

During the summer, I like getting fresh, ripe berries and freezing them for later. I'll wash them, run them through the salad spinner to remove some of the extra water, then lay them out single thickness on cookie sheets and freeze. Once frozen, I pop them off and into bags. I find home frozen berries are so much sweeter than commercial frozen berries. I haven't done that much this summer, I should get on that!

For stone fruit, I generally halve them and remove the stone, and either freeze the washed halves, slice and freeze, or cut into blueberry sized pieces and freeze. Depends on how much I have, how much time I have, and why I'm freezing it. Since I'm doing it for me, I actually don't worry too much about how it will look, and I like the skins on, so I just straight up wash, halve, and freeze. No added anything or peeling. I generally either eat it still frozen (small pieces) as a treat, let it partially or completely thaw and toss in with milk and cereal, mix into mug cakes, or bake into crumbles.