Puka vs my two cats - some advice please


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Oct 3, 2014
Last year, spring 2020, a male domesticated white male cat, Puka, started hanging around the neighborhood.

After reading posts on Facebook, I discovered that he was chipped, had an owner and that they just kicked the cat out the house. Puka is about 2-4 years old. When he was first put out the house he would try to go into anyone's house. He didn't want to be outside 24/7. And he is very friendly.

I have two cats, a large male and a female, both are 7 years old. My male cat Milo tends to run all male cats off of our property.
(Milo staring at a bird - harmless).

My female cat, Shadow Breeze has been attacked by a couple of stray/feral cats in the backyard and Milo has had a run in with a few of them too. Always when they come on our property.

So, Milo just runs any male cats off the property when he sees them.

Last year, when Puka started hanging around Milo did what he does to get Puka to leave the property, sing the song of their people, chase him, but nothing violent, no hitting, scratching or biting.

The neighborhood looked out for Puka, someone must've been feeding him because he started hanging around one main house on the cul de sac and the rabbit population started getting low, so I guess he was hunting them. I'm in a suburb outside of Houston, TX so we have mild winters, but this February, 2021 we had a horrible cold snap and one of the neighbors negotiated with Puka's original owners and adopted him. Whew, I thought Puka would go from being a full time outdoor cat to a supervised outdoor cat who is mostly inside, like my cats. And his owners are trying to get him to stay inside more, but he has shown up on folks video in the middle of the night and has crossed a dangerous 4 lane street to get on that video.

That's the back story. This spring/summer, Puka has gotten really bold. He is no longer being chased off my property by Milo, he is now chasing Milo into the house. He has gone so far as to chase Milo through the screen and then plop down on the chair on patio. At that point I started to intervene and gently urge Puka off the property using a broom, because Puka, who is very friendly, has hugged my leg and bitten me twice - broke the skin and I was bleeding. So now I use a broom, which he doesn't like, but it is the barrier between me and him to gently get him off the property. Sometimes he shows up 2-3 days a week to agitate my cats. Last week he was walking across my roof and for the first time ever I saw Milo tip toe pass him. Then this weekend I saw Shadow tip toe past him.

This morning, Milo was insistent that I open the front door, the back door was already open. I open the front door, Puka is sitting in front of the door and there are bits of black and white fur on the ground and pebbles strewn across the driveway.
EOS 6D_1362.JPG

Puka was fighting Shadow, my girl cat. She went to the front garden to eat grass. Now I am livid. I asked Puka to leave, he did what he does, sit right across the property line on my neighbor's property. So I got the hose and chased him away. I have NEVER done that to a cat or anyone one for that matter before, even the strays (well they run when they see me). Puka is a sweet cat, but I cannot have him on my property fighting my cats and then staying on my property. He lives several houses away and has a large backyard full of trees. He does not need to be at my house several times a week.

I am so angry right now that my female cat was attacked and fur pulled out. Should I continue to manage Puka showing up on my property or say something to the owners? I am conflicted right now. We've all been pretty tolerant of the neighborhood cats on our property - Puka roams the most, but my two go outside, with Milo staying in the backyard and running along the fence line once a month, Shadow is a good mouser, so she keeps my yard and neighbor's yards vermin free so she tends to roam a bit more. So, I don't want to cause an incident, but I don't want Puka attacking my cats anymore.

What would you do if you were in my predicament?


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Apr 20, 2014
Does she have anywhere high to jump? I have baby blankets scattered over my couch. My very timid cat sleeps there. One of my cats does not like her


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Jun 1, 2017
In my experience, you cannot actually manage a cat in this manner. They do exactly what Puka does, and "obey" by "leaving" when they see you are serious and getting the hose, and come right back when you go in. You should not expect to prevent him from coming on your property or prevent fights in this manner. I'm not faulting you for trying -- I've done similarly -- but I just don't think it works.

Personally, I would not be especially accomodating if my indoor/outdoor (I used to have two, not anymore) was bothering other indoor/outdoors. Why? I feel that once one makes a cat indoor/outdoor, its random and out of their control whether the cat(s) bother other cats or get bothered in exchange. "But my indoor/outdoor cats are good" may well be true, but it wouldn't motivate me to be the one to change behavior, when you could it just as easily. I'd certainly explain it more nicely than that -- for example, one of my indoor/outdoors was bad with the literbox, and he had tension/stress with another one of my cats and they really needed the energy release valve of the outside time to minimize fighting. My view might also be skewed by the fact that I've had 5 or so different cats come to my yard over the years. Given that, how could it be reasonable for me to ask a neighbor to change their behavior, when the only permanent solution was for me to change?

Now thats just my personal view, you could try and talk to the neighbor. Just don't be shocked if he has an explanation for why Puka cant be an indoor cat and asks why your cats aren't converted to indoors. That seems to be the most common response when folks have that conversation.
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