Post Your Cats On Your Bed


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Sep 19, 2006
Glendale, CATifornia
Thank you tarasgirl. I admire your desk, is it your father's?
Sombra is tickled pink that you have noticed her absence but she wants to reassure you that she is very present and as full of mischief as ever. She sends her love to the 2 rascals who own you and trusts that they let you know who is the boss as she does.
Big hugs to you and to Sombra! I am glad to hear she is getting better. Mischief in the cat is always good, isn't it? ;)
Your granddaughter Lorena is a wonderful artist, and what a lovely present!
Yes, the desk is part of my father's bedroom suite. There is also a beautiful four-poster bed, and a plain dresser and plain nightstand and chair that do not seem to be the same style, but look very nice with these pieces. My parents bought all from the same estate and I really love them. They are being enjoyed by my roommates at present. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any photos of the bed frame and I do not want to impose on my roommates. But the headboard and footboard both have the same painted flowers on them. It is a very unusual style that is not commonly found any more, but was apparently meant to evoke the Spanish Missionary style in Monterey, California, around the turn of the 20th Century. My father loved this furniture and I do, too. You can see the bed, dresser, and night stand here. Our beloved angel Calo is curled up on the bed.