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Welcome & thanks so much for being here. As the Mom of a 17 year old kitty, I love the idea that there is a place to ask about my older kitty. As most everyone here knows my Smokey was diagnosed with CRF about a year & a half ago. Due to the CRF she gets a blood pressure pill ever day & sub-q fluids ever other day. More recently she has develeoped cataracs, but despite her decline in vision will still get in my bed with the assistance of an upside down laundry basket. All of her health issues aside I sometimes wonder how I will adjust to having a young cat someday. I volenteer at a no-kill shelter & so I see a wide range of cats, two of my favorites are only a year old. I think I've been very lucky to have such a sweet well behaved cat. My cat doesn't get on counters (never really has). Because we've been together so long, she knows what I want & she knows how to communicate what she wants. She doesn't get into things, or make a mess. Sure she doesn't want to play anymore, but that just means no more being woken up in the middle of the night by a game of bite Mom's toes. Sure my cat may not have much time left, but I'm going to enjoy every minuet of it I can.

amy shojai

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You're so right. Over time, we learn what to expect from our cats, and they also learn to anticipate how we feel and what we want out of the relationship. It's very comfortable, isn't it? All the angst of trying to communicate with the new whippersnapper is bygone days. Our older cats know us so well, seems they almost read our minds. *s*

It's difficult when we later do welcome a new furry friend into our homes--and heart. Because after living with an older cat for 15-20 years or so, all the PROBLEMS of their kittenhood fade away. We don't remember how long it took to convince 'em to use the right scratch post, to stay out of the kitchen sink, and not to fill Mom's shoes with toy mice.

I call that the Saint Spot Syndrome, LOL!

Newcomer pets don't always fare very well in comparison of this paragon of kitty virtue...