Please help, 7 week old kitten very sick but we don’t know what’s wrong

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Caroline Stephens

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Jun 23, 2022
Okay, one more update post -and hopefully, mystery of my surviving kitten‘s illness has been solved! Going to break this up into 3 updates.

Update #1: My surviving kitten went to Ohio State University eight days ago. Everything looked good. They said not a chicken allergy as another vet hypothesized, as he’d been tolerating some chicken based wet food all along - so given the all clear to transition off the Royal Canin select protein diet. He’s perfectly healthy now and hasn’t had diarrhea or other symptoms since I updated here last, except for one overeating related incident.

Update #2: Last Friday, one female bengal (mother of this litter) began vomiting, loss of appetite, somewhat lethargic. Seemed resolved by Saturday so thought perhaps just coincidence - cats puking is really common and it only happened twice within two hours and she seemed fine within 8 hours. THEN, Sunday going in to Monday BOTH females started vomiting, on and off throughout the night. Vet appointment was made for Tuesday.

Update #3 - answers! : Short version— it was the food.
Apparently, the kitten food that I had the females on has high amounts of fatty acids which will go rancid in heat and humidity, no warning written on the packaging so I had no way of knowing! This would explain their symptoms, and also why my other cats (spayed female and the male) are in great health - they don’t eat the kitten food. Also, this occurred as I was nearing the end of the bag, so the food had more heat/humidity exposure. Same as right before this kitten got sick - was beginning to try adding softened dry food to his wet food, and that’s when the loss of appetite and diarrhea started.

I bought them new food immediately, storing it in a cool, dry place. No more vomiting or other symptoms - they’re all back to their normal selves. I really think this was the issue. Not with kitten Java - that remains mostly a mystery - but at least I have answers with my surviving cats. I’m equal parts relieved and upset, that it was something so simple and preventable all along.

note - currently doing a PCR fecal test on the mother of this litter, just as a precaution before allowing further pregnancies. Will be back with results next week!

silent meowlook

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Nov 10, 2014
Hi. I am sorry about your kittens that passed.
A veterinarian at a cat only hospital I worked at for 6 years, is a Bengal breeder. She told me that bengals are very susceptible to having coronavirus complications and having it turn to FIP. She would send out the fecal PCR on her kittens and take it very serious if the fecal was poss for coronavirus.

just something I remembered.


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Jan 2, 2005
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Thank you for the updates, especially the #3 update about the food going rancid. It is a great wake-up call about food storage. During times of inflation, it is important to keep every morsel of food safe for consumption.:clapcat: A big THANK YOU from kitties everywhere - sharing your knowledge is keeping them safe!