Pineapple Upside Down Cake


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Aug 28, 2009
In the kitchen
I don't know where to put this stuff. Should I just add to the Quarantine thread? Or post separately? It's not really quarantine baking. I just like to bake. Whatever you all think is best, I'll do it. Or if you would prefer, I not post anything, I won't.

Anyway, Dear Richard specifically asked for this for dessert tonight. I don't use cake mixes anymore, so I baked from "scratch". Turned out pretty good! It's got Greek vanilla yogurt in it because I don't have sour cream. (Many of you already know's been a bee in my behind for years now: The reason I don't use mixes anymore is because the companies decided to decrease the weight from 18.25 ounces down to 15.25 ounces. And either you get a thinner cake or you make up the difference yourself, either by buying a second mix or by using a ratio of flour, sugar, etc. I figure if I have to put extra in the mix, well, then I might as well bake the thing from scratch to begin with! I've been working over some of my recipes that call for a cake mix to use regular ingredients)

My original recipe calls for a 9-inch round pan. Well, I wanted a 13 x 9-inch pan, so I figured out in what quantities to add for the ingredients for the larger cake. And I think it worked out OK. For some ingredients, I used twice the amount; for other ingredients, I used 1-1/2 times the amount. And I wrote it all down, so I'll know for next time. Too warm to slice yet, so I don't know what the crumb will be like. Rick was already in the house, wanting a slice! I said he had to wait til it cooled down a bit; he was not a happy camper.



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Sep 29, 2002
We love it but it's one of those things I need to play with in cutting down the sugar.Some things it matters quite a bit and others not so much.It's beautiful Pam...and I bet delish too!