pillow foot doesn't go away

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Apr 26, 2018
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the last time i had posted here for help for our youngest cat (Rio Jr.)
we had a problem and its still not solved.
we did go to the vet and it turns out to be pillow foot, the doctor gave him antibiotic shots we saw how healthy he had become
the very next week the pillow foot returned but this time in another paw and we went again and again he gave him shots and cream
the medicine seems effective only for few days and now almost all his paws are affected
we contacted another vet for more clearance on his condition and he gave us same diagnosis and medication
both vet told us it could be due to his jumping high and they asked if he had any contact with dusty floors or cleaners used to clean surfaces or something they said that might be the cause for recurrent because the cause is still there
.. we are trying not to let him jump very high from tables to floors but its hard to run after fast cat
and we removed all chemcials we use to clean tables and even renewed the litter box and still no improvement

note :bluepaw:
- he used to lick his paws excessively now it reduced but still doing it
- he still jumps allot from high places and still play but now he stops suddenly because of the pain.
- now he stopped eating canned food completely he drinks water and only eats boiled chicken and dry food.
- certain days he behaved so calmly (not normal) he's very active and cheerful charchter .
-he sleeps well
-his weight is not affected.

hope you can advice us
we have no idea what to do

pictures of his paws now :sickcat:



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Dec 25, 2020
One of my cats has the same issue. I do know that excessive steroid shots can lead to diabetes. I've been told everything from it could be an allergy to food, to allergic to litter box litter, to dust, or even simple allergies from his environment.

I'm still searching for a solution to this problem as well but a fellow pet lover recommend this product:


We're on day 1 of using it so I can't provide an answer yet, but I have noticed an almost immediate change in how much my boy licks his paw. Since putting it on, he hasn't licked it at all.

I'll try to keep you posted to see if this reduces swelling, pain, redness etc.


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Aug 13, 2009
My guess is that the antibiotic shots are not going to help with pillowfoot, otherwise known as Feline Plasmacytic Pododermatitis. The usual medications are oral antibiotics, and pretty strong ones at that, plus steroids. And sometimes even surgery on the footpads.

You mentioned you "renewed" the litterbox. What exactly does that mean. Did you change to a different type of litter, like a natural one? Something completely chemical free. Perhaps something like Yesterdays News? For it to be on all four paws makes me think it's definitely caused by something environmental.


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Oct 15, 2021
My cat also has plasma cell pododermatitis. It’s an autoimmune condition with unknown cause, and some cats that have it never have it again and others have recurrent symptoms. There are immune suppression medicines that can help with this condition. If your current treatment plan isn’t working, I recommend scheduling a follow up appointment with your vet to make a new game plan for treatment. My own cat is in remission after treatment, and sometimes his paws start to crust again but it hasn’t gotten as bad as it was initially and he doesn’t show any outward symptoms anymore, so there definitely is hope! I know it can be a frustrating diagnosis but there are medicines that can help.