pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees


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Feb 8, 2018
Reidsville NC
That's a very nice tree!

Here are a few pictures of the gang making the most of their enclosure this afternoon. This tree is a bit of a Frankenstein's Monster. Made from salvaged wood, a couple of pallets I found at the side of the road and the bones of another dead tree. They love it though.

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Hiro on the cedar tree. This tree had to be cut down, but the wood was too beautiful to burn so I made a cat tree out of it. It's gone through several metamorphosis until we came up with a version that they can all climb, has platforms wide enough for them to stretch out on, but is angled in such a way that Hiro can't use it as a spring-board to freedom over the fence.
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Mu on the old table legs and fence post tree.
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Sophie on the stumps.
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Its a great cat tree
And as long as the kitties enjoy
Thats all that matters


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Sep 7, 2018
May 5 and May 8, 2019:
Krista’s 15th purrthday present was some help for her arthritis to get into her favorite tree and the bench top in front of the sound bar: her two favorite hangouts (that weren’t on me or near me.) These are modular cat tree pieces: Katris e.g. “Kat trees” plus Tetris. Also an anagram of Krista. 😹
A6C56148-375C-4D78-B9E2-E4C6D9F5435D.jpeg A58F514F-7C96-4B6A-AA52-B1DA17CF4ECD.jpeg E3A1BDF6-AB81-40DF-B16D-CB2892D092C5.jpeg 1104EA97-F521-4863-ABF9-9A258DE97092.jpeg
2F030E60-4847-4B03-AFF5-696DA43CD938.jpeg ACC4D34F-04DC-47D9-83A9-ED12AF219288.jpeg