Picked up 6 new ball pythons! I'm up to 14 now!


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Mar 31, 2007
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South East Iowa
If you didn't see my Athena thread, I had the flu yesterday and I'm bored out of my mind so it's picture day!

I picked up 6 ball pythons in October, 3 flew in from VA and 3 I picked up at the expo in Chicago.

First up the morphs from Chicago:

The Pinstripe female

The Mojave female

with her future boyfriend another Mojave, he's on the right

They will make a snake like this, it's called a Blue Eyed Leucy, or BEL for short

The Graziani Pastel female, Graziani is just a line of pastel

The het pied trio that flew in from VA, 2 girls and a boy

They will make this snake

The male is actually a double het pied albino, so he carries the pied genes and the albino genes. I need an albino female or het albino female to make albinos. In the future I will work on albino pieds http://www.dwherp.com/DSC_0035.JPG The amount of colored patches varies.

If you haven't seen my pictures before here are a couple others

Spider male

Lemon Pastel male, Lemon is another line of pastel

I put four of my normal girls together so people could see the color difference in normals. These girls are all breeding for me this year.

If you really care you can look at my collection page to see all of them

I've started the breeding season, here's a couple pics

The Pastel male with a normal girl, he had a terrible shed so ignore the front half of his body. I had to soak the tub so the humidity would go up and his stuck shed would come off.

The Spider boy with a normal girl