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Feb 24, 2014
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I am having a problem with my cat peeing in her bed. I tried everything that is noted in "replies" in this thread: and nothing is working. Why would a cat sleep in her own urine?  Granted, she'll pee on one side of her bed and sleep in the other.  Her bed and her food dishes are all in the same area. She eats with pee in her bed.  I am at a loss as to what is going on with her emotionally.  She is very territorial so I'm thinking she's telling the other cat and the dog that this is her spot.  They can't reach her as she lives on a large table in the dining are. But still...she is not a friendly cat. I think that might be why she's doing this.

Any other suggestions folks? It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Ms. Freya

Sep 19, 2008
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If you've ruled out a medical issue, it's very likely that it's a territorial marking behavior - so she's making sure all of the other animals know its her spot. You don't mention it, but is your cat spayed? If she's not, it's possible that she's doing it to attract males. If you change the bed, does she still pee in the same spot? If she's peed on the bed multiple times, it will take a good soak with an enzyme cleaner to get the smell out.

Also, you don't mention where her litter is located. It may not be the bed so much as the current location or type of the litte rbox that doesn't work for her. This article has suggestions for where to place the box, so that may help.

Also, have you switched litter? I had one cat who was fastidious about using her litter box until we tried paper pellet litter, then she started peeing in my husband's gym bag, so maybe even consider a different litter.

Just some ideas...I'm sure some others will be along soon with more.