Overview of your clinic?


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Dr. Kris,  certainly this is a lowest priority question so only respond if you have a moment and the inclination at the end of the session.

For starters your enthusiasm for what you do is quite evident - you have definitely found your calling in life.   

I just find myself curious about the clinic you work in.    Do you have other coworkers or are you flying solo?   How many patients on an average day?  Just cats or do you treat most any animals?

If you would rather not get into those details I totally understand - don`t sweat it.

Mega-thanks for your time, courtesy, and kindness - I have learned a ton - and our wonderful cats are the beneficiaries of your wisdom.



dr kris

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Thank you for your kind words!

I've worked in all kinds of clinics - modern, oldschool and everything in between. I see mostly cats and dogs, but i've also seen turtles, pet chickens, and fish! Im technically a locum vet, which means I contract my services to different vet clinics. Since my home base is now in Ottawa, a lot of my practice is at an awesome clinic there. Six of us vets populate this clinic, and it's a great crew of people who really care about what they do. On my blog, and in future videos im going to show more behind the scenes of our clinic!



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