One less thing to worry about, Yay!


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Aug 6, 2018
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Well, I had my professional audit this morning. Something I have been dreading and worried about for months, and it's finally over! The auditor was very nice and understanding, she guided me (without giving away answers of course) thru the questions and provided feedback to help me along. My clinical setting and requirements met (and even exceeded in some cases) our regulatory standards. And she was open and friendly allowing me to relax...a little bit anyway...and in the end she said I did well.
I know I missed a few points, but she did put my mind at ease. I said, "So, I know I missed a few things"...She just laughed and responded..."You'll probably remember them when you go to bed tonight". Then I asked, "With what I forgot, can you at least tell me if it's something I need to worry about?". She assured me I had nothing to worry about and I could sleep soundly.
I will get a report within a few weeks or so, detailing their findings and any suggestions or recommendations that I need to implement, so I just have to wait for that...but like I said, the auditor said I don't need to I'm going to keep telling myself that I don't need to worry.

Now I can finally enjoy food again, I can sleep again, focus on all the other poop going on right now and start on a few other getting ready for Christmas!

Anyone else having a "one less thing" moment? Have you finally accomplished something that's been weighing on your mind?


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Apr 30, 2005
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Good for you!! :clap:My dad used to give liscencing exams and he said he’d tell people that it never did anyone good to make things unnecessarily hard. You can give a thorough exam without being a jerk. :lol: He would try to calm people’s nerves so they could show what they really knew.

I think I have a one less thing moment whenever we have appointments disrupting our school day. Its hard to juggle like that for me. Especially when it involves needing a sitter.