Featured October Picture of the Month Competition: Cats and glass (windows, mirrors etc)


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Feb 28, 2012
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Do you have a photo of your cat/s gazing out the window?
Reflected in a mirror? Anything to do with cats and mirrors or windows?

Show it off and perhaps win our October photo competition:

Cats and Glass (mirrors, windows etc)

The winner will receive a rather wonderful TCS T-shirt!
Prize may be shipped worldwide

- Submissions will be accepted for the next seven days -

:greenpaw: * :tabbycat: * :gingercat: * :bigeyes: * :gingercat: * :tabbycat: * :bluepaw:

Our cats are ALL amazingly beautiful!
This friendly photo contest is about the way in which
the cat is captured in the picture.
We're not looking for professional photography, but do try to
keep things like image quality, lighting and composition in mind.

The Rules:

  1. Choose the best picture you have for our monthly theme and post it to this thread. Please mention the cat's name!
  2. Image needs to be clear and not too small. 480 pixels high by 640 pixels wide minimum. Larger is better.
  3. One submission per member please
  4. No special effects, borders, graphics or text on the pictures.*

    * Photo Editing For Contests - What's Allowed, And What's Not
    If your photo fails to comply with the above rules we may have to exclude it from the voting stage.

    :goldstar: Good luck everyone! :goldstar: