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New Mom Peeing All Over The Place

Kallie kitty

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Jul 18, 2019
So Kallie lives in the garage and is a new mom 2 of the 3 kittens died to keep fresh air in there i keep the overhead door open with a gate in front of it so she cant get out but her younger siblings who are feral like she was keep finding a way in and now shes peeing like a marking thing is this something that she will stop if i keep them out all are box trained not sure if she want use it since they used it they shared it in the past any advice would be appreciated

di and bob

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
She may be peeing because of stress, the others coming in means to her that danger could come in too. She also may be marking to warn others away. i would try to keep her as secluded and quiet as possible, at least until the little one is older. she may not like the box or the litter, has anything chnaged? Was she moved or has she always been in the garage? A move may have upset her too. Get a good enzyme cat urine remover, much easier to use and it removes all trace of urine. There are usually some near the litter supplies, in the carpet cleaning section of stores, or on the interent. Cats usually will resume using the box when you find out what is worrying her. all the luck1


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Jun 13, 2018
Central FL (Born in OH)
I agree with all of what di and bob di and bob asked/said/suggested!

Her demeanor has likely changed somewhat because she is trying to protect her kitten from all the other cats, even if they are her siblings. Have you seen how she reacts to the others getting in - other than being aware that she is marking?

You need to find a way to provide the other cats with access to a litter box since they apparently are used to having one at their disposal, but it should be a separate one (or two, three, etc.) from hers.

How are the others able to get in, if she can't get out? I don't know that I understand the set up you have, but is there a way to take something like chicken wire and nail/affix it over the opening?

Or, if you want them to have access to the garage, then if possible, separate the space into two sections completely blocking off the area she is in so that it is her own space. Something as simple as wire closet shelving (can be bought as long/tall as 12 feet or more from DIY stores), zip tied together to make a full screen and then affixed on each end to prevent access in/out by her or the others. If necessary, you can cover the bottom couple of feet with cardboard to make it more 'private' for her, and make it harder for them to actually see her and the kitten. The cardboard can be affixed to the shelving by punching holes in it with a screw driver and zip tying it to the shelving. You'll just have to keep an eye on the cardboard to ensure it stays intact. But, if not, it is easy and cheap to replace as needed.

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