New kitten siberian or norwegian forest cat...or neither?


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May 26, 2018

I got a new kitten 3 weeks ago, I was told to start with (and advertised as) a siberian forest cat crossed with a bengal. They dropped her round to me as they wanted to do a quick home check to see if she was OK with my 4 year old cat I have. She was then referred to as a Norwegian forest cat (sellers nephew).

It doesn't matter too much to me but I know they can have slightly different temperaments/needs/life spans to each other and honestly I'm just intrigued.
She's a little stunner regardless 🥰 but I can't tell the difference myself. The vet said definitely forest cat but couldn't say which one and that she looks like if she has bengal it's the colouing of spots on her stomach (i dont see bengal myself).

Any information or guesses would be very much appreciated! I've never had a longer furred kitty before.

She has a bushy tail, stripes on her legs and more showing on her sides as she's growing, incredibly soft, black under paws with tufts of fur between the pads and lots of random longer hairs throughout her body.
Strange thing to say maybe but her back legs seem longer than the front, might just be me though. Tried to get a side profile but is difficult.