New Bed Linen. Help Me Choose.


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Jan 16, 2006
North Carolina
You're right! It certainly wasn't one of my better ideas. It was just done out of frustration because I really wanted to get on with the decorating
I get that and I've certainly done my share of dumb things. One of the things they emphasized at work was to think: what am I about to do, how am I about to do it, what could go wrong. That doesn't always stop me from doing dumb things :winkcat:


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Sep 17, 2020
If you are still asking, I say No.2 is very pretty. I just love ❤ the color and design.


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Oct 11, 2006
I'm in the middle of decorating upstairs and I've decided I should treat myself to some new bed linen. The stuff I have now is OK, but it's plain brown and boring. The upstairs of this house is a loft. The ceiling is papered to look like it's wood paneling and the walls were too, until the cats got their claws into it. I've stripped the wall paper off and I'm painting it a very light beige with a matt finish. I think I can be a bit more exciting about the colours of the bed cover.

There are my favourites so far.

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These are both 100% cotton. It's 6,000 yen for a double futon cover and two pillow cases. It doesn't come with a fitted sheet, but I found these.
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I can buy the sheet separately, so I could get a purple cotton sheet to go with either 1 or 2 above for 4,000 yen. That would be about $90 altogether.

Or, I could get one of these.

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7,000 for a futon cover and two pillow cases. I'd still have to buy the sheet separately. I really like the colours, but they're not 100% cotton, they're a cotton/polyester mix. Might be a bit hot in the summer?

Finally there are these.
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8,000 yen for a double, 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet. I like the designs, but maybe the colours are a bit too subdued and I can't find out if they're 100% cotton or not.

Which set do you like the best? This is what the loft looked like when we first moved in. It's just about big enough for a double bed, chest and a bunch of cat beds.

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#2. I like purple!

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May 1, 2020
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Well, I haven't quite finished decorating, but I thought I'd show you what it looks like so far.

First of all, living in a loft makes redecorating a bit of a nightmare. This was the longest ladder I could find.
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Balanced on top of a piece of wood, on top of a storage box, on top of two yoga mats, on top of a table.
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But I still can't reach this bit! :livid: I'm now looking for 9 ft tall retired basketball players or circus stilt walkers to befriend, so I can ask them to help.
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However, the bit of the loft I actually sleep in is done. I really like the white walls and the new bed covers look great. The cats are happy with my choice too.
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I know a litter box in the bedroom isn't everyone's idea of fun, but Forest sprays in this corner if there is no box. I've made a little rack to hang the bags and scoop and everything from, so it doesn't look quite so terrible.
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Still thinking of getting a new dresser, or finding an old one I can repaint, and some more cacti to stand in the smaller windowsill.
ahh that pic with how you got a ladder set up to paint is totally unsafe your risking a bad fall like broken neck/back type fall they have long extending poles that you attache a paint roller onto that will allow you to reach every part you need to paint(will take a lil shoulder and grip strength though longer that pole extends heavier it becomes other option is to buy/rent a real extension ladder that leans safely/stable against the wall you can climb up to paint but fastest easies way is buy that long extending pole and roll it slow or you end up with splatter.please do it the safe way i dont wanna read about any bad fall or accident k :)(do it the safe way for the cats they need you safe and healthy your husband to) amazon sells em to the poles