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Apr 10, 2021
I had my first litter of oriental shorthairs in march. The kittens are now 16 weeks old and they would have normally been ready for new homes already but....
When they were 8 weeks old, their mom started showing flu symptoms (sneezing mostly) Quite quickly followed my other adult female cat, and after that, all of the kittens. The kittens had quite mild symptoms, mostly just sneezing and runny nose, same with their mom. My other adult female experienced quite bad symptoms, she was sneezing and both of her eyes were swollen shut, she got eye drops to help with them and after a few weeks got better.
At 13 weeks old the kittens were healthy again so I went to give them their first shots. For few days everything was fine
Then suddenly, after four days, one of the kittens and the other adult female got a severe cough. We went to the vet next day but scince they were eating and drinking and so on she wasn't too worried about them. Then the next day when I woke up the sick kitten was tired and just picking her up I could feel that she has high fever. We rushed to the animal hospital where she spent the next two days fighting pneumonia. She survived and now gets antibiotics 3 times a day. During this, the other kittens started sneezing again. The snot they sneeze out is green. Their mom is completely healthy. My 2 castrated adult male cats have not been sick at all.
We got virus and bacteria tests done during the kittens hospital visit which hopefully will explain us what could cause such an flu that never seems to end. Results should arrive next week.

Do any of you have any experiences with situations like this? Any ideas what could cause this?
(Sorry for possible mistakes in the text, english is not my native language)


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Sep 18, 2005
Your english is excellent, above average even compared with most native speakers. btw, I too Im a foreigner.

Im not sure what is it. It would be easier to explain with shelter cats. In many shelters there is a high infection pressure.

What to try with. L-lysine helps against some virus. Shouldnt hurt, can help.

Some nice vitamine paste. Strenghens up the body and its natural defences.

RAW goats milk is good to test - for adults too. It comes from an alive momma, so contains some natural antibiotica.

Raw honey (ie honey from a small producer) could also be useful....

Make sure the intestines works well; ie give them probiotics (BeneBac?) or Kefir / mild yoghurt; and prebiotics.

The human home remedies of garlic and raw onion doesnt work with cats - garlic and onion are more or less poisonous for cats.
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Mar 8, 2015
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The herpes virus causes colds which can develop into infection with green snot. I would ask the vet about putting everyone on antibiotics and clean your home well. Wash everything in hot water to kill germs and vacuum and mop well. This will help to prevent re-infection. Clean all cat bowls (food and water) daily and also the litter boxes. Anything shared may be suspect.